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Gathering feedback is a paramount aspect of a better customer journey and a better customer experience. It is only by understanding your clients that you can fix the bottlenecks and perfect your strengths. Without surveys, businesses will have to navigate their customer experience program with a blind eye through assumptions and skewed perspectives.

If you are just beginning to implement a CXM program to streamline the buying journey for your clients, surveys and feedback are the way to go. Feedbackly is an all-in-one tool that simplifies the process of monitoring, gathering, and analyzing customer feedback. We also provide many other resources to give you a head start on the journey, including free survey templates!

Here’s everything you need to know about our survey templates and how to access them on our platform!

Readymade survey templates

Creating surveys for the first time can seem a daunting task, especially when you are confused about what to ask and how to phrase the questions the right way. In order to help you get started with designing great surveys, we have created survey templates, including the most common questions related to the particular metric. Our pre-written surveys are created by experts in the industry.

You can access our survey templates for free! Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is go to “Survey Management” and click on “Create A New Survey.” You will find a list of survey templates on the left. You can select the one you need. Our templates are also easily editable. If you don’t want to use the original survey template, you can customize it to suit your brand requirements and tone. They help you save time spent on creating surveys from scratch.

Surveys for the entire customer journey

We have a variety of survey templates to help you collect feedback on different aspects of customer experience. You can determine the issues critical for your business and select the relevant surveys to gather feedback on them. Some surveys can be used both at the micro and macro level.

With our survey templates designed for each customer journey phase, you can evaluate the quality of experience from awareness to loyalty/advocacy. They all have ready-made questions that you can edit or upgrade according to your needs.

Emotional Experience feedback survey for after purchase stage

Surveys are the best way to gather feedback on different touchpoints or phases in the customer journey. They help you understand your customers better and tweak the experience to meet their expectations. In addition to customer experience, we also have survey templates on employee experience. Using this, you can assess your employees’ engagement level with the brand and evaluate their productivity.

Collect feedback and accelerate your growth

Now you can use our many survey templates to collect feedback at different touchpoints across the customer journey. With Feedbackly, you can keep track of the responses you get, analyze them, and gain valuable insights. You can schedule the time or the situation in which the survey needs to be sent automatically to the customer. Feedbackly has many other useful and intuitive features to help businesses optimize the feedback collection process.

Feedback helps you gain valuable input from people with first-hand experience using the product or service. Data makes it easier to identify the bottlenecks that exist throughout the customer journey and fix them. When customers feel heard, they will also be keen to provide more feedback.

Customers are also more loyal to brands that acknowledge their feedback and take steps to fix issues. With a more streamlined journey, customers find it effortless and satisfied to do business with you. Their likeness to purchase more and promote the business to others is high. So, if you take efforts to improve CX, you can increase your revenue eventually.

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