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Happiness is a core aspect of human existence. Everyone is in the pursuit of happiness from the moment they take their first steps. But we have also found that, in business, happiness is crucial to a company’s success. We tend to buy with our feelings – and that means we buy up to 20% more if we are happy with a company’s service (Harvard Business Review, 2014).

Feedbackly was created in the summer of 2012 by three young business students, Jaakko, Joonas, and Joonatan. Jaakko was fascinated by the psychology of happiness and what drove that happiness. Together with the same passion for technology and business, they knew they wanted to change the way companies thought about the idea of the “customer experience”, but didn’t know exactly how they would achieve that. In the beginning, the idea was to help smaller brick & mortar companies find an easy and automated way handle their feedback collection.

The idea to revolutionize customer experience management and start creating more happiness in the world came from their own bad customer experiences. While running his own business, Jaakko realized he needed to see real-time customer feedback in all of his sales and marketing channels. However, he could not find a tool that did what he needed at the right price point. Also Joonatan came to the same conclusion when he became frustrated at the laborious process of submitting a customer feedback form in a store.

After discussing their experiences over a few beers, they had a chat with Joonas, a software developer and close friend, and the only person they knew who could code. The founding partners were finally together. After putting together a minimum viable product, the founding trio landed their first customer – even though their core product wasn’t finalized. As always with new companies, the execution started off a little hazy but the core idea of creating the happiest customers in the world at large scale was always there!

The founders continue to believe that customer feedback and customer experience should be at the core of your entire company strategy. That is the only way to create happier customers and long term growth.

Originally named Tapin Feedback, the name was changed to Feedbackly in 2016 when the founders realised that to really help the companies to create happier customer along the entire customer journey was not possible with serving only one channel dependent technology. They understood that they needed to help companies collect, analyse and act on feedback from multiple online and offline channels. The mission became “to help companies create the world’s best customer journeys so they can achieve sustained, long-term growth”.

Today, Feedbackly helps midsize and enterprise companies measure, manage and automate their entire customer journey so that they can understand how to create the happiest customers in the world and automate the actions from feedback data with the help of an AI. The client base is spread across more than 80 countries and includes for example Viasat, The City of Helsinki, 7Eleven, Flying tiger Copenhagen, and L&T.

We believe that only happier customers can create long-term growth so our vision is to position customer experience and customer journeys at the core of every company’s growth strategy.


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