New Online Training Developed by Thought Leader Owen CX Offers 11 Core Models and Toolsets to Prepare Organizations for Success in a Digital Age

Net Promoter Score® and CX training programs are essential to guide your employees in building a customer experience focused mindset. In order to ensure that your company culture is built on a foundation of customer-centricity, all key employees must be aligned in this thinking.

The self-paced Net Promoter Masterclass online training and toolkit covers the critical elements of an NPS-driven CX program. Units cover topics including data excellence, using analytics to derive value from data, taking action to drive change, engaging the organization, and structuring a program for success. Students earn a certificate of completion and have ongoing access to the tools and materials. The masterclass replaces a previous version of NPS best-practice certification.

Owen CX’s NPS training for all employees was designed from the ground up to engage, educate and align every member of the organization, no matter what their functional role is. Based on the same foundations as the certification program, it takes the core concepts and explains them in a fast paced and clear fashion, without talking down to the participant or baffling them with jargon. For larger companies, the training can also be customized with video messages from their leadership and localized with multiple language subtitles.

The Net Promoter Masterclass was developed by Owen CX group, a customer experience advisory and data analytics firm. Led by Richard Owen, who co-authored Answering the Ultimate Question: How Net Promoter Can Transform Your Business, the Owen CX team builds on more than 15 years of hands-on experience with Net Promoter programs to deliver contemporary models for NPS success in today’s increasingly digital market. The Net Promoter Masterclass equips customer experience program leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to drive program and business success.

“Guiding companies to success with Net Promoter methodology has long been a professional passion of mine,” said Richard Owen, founder and CEO of Owen CX Group. “I’m proud that during the more than a dozen years I spent as CEO of Satmetrix before its acquisition by NICE, we trained more than 10,000 practitioners in best practices for NPS success. Taking the time to refine and rework that hard-won expertise for a digital age has been eye-opening, and I’m delighted to partner with Feedbackly to make this latest leap forward.”

After completing either the Net Promoter Score® Masterclass or other CX training programs, your employees will be able put into practice their new knowledge with Feedbackly. Building customer journeys and measuring NPS along the way is an important place to begin the process of increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty. With inter-departmental cooperation and teams that are aligned on the idea of the customer experience, it will become easier for companies to make better decisions based on their customer feedback.

“Feedbackly’s software tool helps people collect real and current data about their customers. The ability to take action automatically through their entire customer journey is what makes Feedbackly more comprehensive than other survey tools. In order to ensure that your customer experience strategy is working for you, it’s important to provide the right training for your employees. To do this, we needed the best possible partner to help facilitate this training – that’s why we partnered with Owen CX. They are a market leader in customer experience education so I’m confident that we can provide superb customer experiences and a wider service selection to our customers than any other customer experience analytics company in the market.” Says CEO of Feedbackly, Jaakko Männistö.

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