Feedbackly + Aiwifi: Turning WiFi networks into powerful feedback touchpoints

Feedbackly integrates with aiwifi

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Collaboration is what makes the magic happen, and that’s why aiwifi and Feedbackly have partnered to offer their customers comprehensive customer experience solutions specifically for WiFi networks.

Aiwifi is a fast-growing company that offers AI-based Wifi marketing analytics and loyalty system for businesses of all sizes. Feedbackly, the other partner of this collaboration, is a customer feedback platform that helps you to attract and retain more customers with automated CX software, education, consulting, and industry-leading knowledge. Feedbackly is also the only CXM solution that measures customer emotions. With our combined technologies, we can provide businesses with a wider range of services than we could offer individually and that’s why this couldn’t be a much better fit!

With Feedbackly’s survey capabilities, aiwifi makes their feedback collection offer wider and more comprehensive, allowing aiwifi’s customers to interact with their customers and listen to them across different touchpoints, beyond WiFi access. On the other hand aiwifi’s technology added to Feedbackly’s CXM software, makes it possible to businesses collect feedback even more effectively over a WiFi connection.

“This is the perfect cooperation to connect the physical with the digital world to understand better and deeper your customers’ expectations, needs, expectations, and suggestions”.

Eric Aguilar Aguilar, the Founder of aiwifi

What are the benefits of this collaboration?

Aiwifi and Feedbackly provide a richer omnichannel touchpoint selection for listening to your customers, understanding them, learning about their preferences, and improving their customer experience.

1. Listen to your customers on your WiFi network

One of the most notable advantages of this partnership is the ability to provide an omnichannel WiFi touchpoint for listening to customers. By offering a survey solution specifically for WiFi networks, end-users of the WiFi networks can easily assess and rate the WiFi service quality or any other aspect of it. Using WiFi to reach customer experience excellence has never been easier. If your business uses a public WiFi network, just contact aiwifi to learn more.

2. Enabling continuous improvement

Enabling continuous improvement is another key focus of this partnership. Now you can trigger alerts every time a guest rates low on one of the questions, and use real-time analytics to compare your WiFi locations to understand what makes a better experience for your customers.

Emotional Experience survey and analytics

3. Your Voice of Customer program on autopilot

The collaboration between aiwifi and Feedbackly allows you to measure your Emotional Value Index (EVI®), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and more on autopilot for your physical venue. Surveying your guests over a WiFi connection saves your time and makes it easy for you to interact with them. Just set up surveys on your Feedbackly dashboard once and launch them to be automatically shown on your aiwifi’s WiFi network locations.

4. A complete overview of your digital and physical experience

Finally, this partnership provides the perfect opportunity to connect the physical and digital worlds and understand your customer’s expectations and needs. The powerful CX solutions for WiFi networks provided by aiwifi and Feedbackly make it easy to listen to your customers, understand their preferences, and improve their customer experience omnichannel.

“This collaboration will enable our customers to not only enjoy free Wi-Fi but also share feedback about their experiences easier than ever, helping us enhance the overall customer experience both in-store and beyond.”

– Jorge Monteso, Director of Latam Markets

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