Heads Up! A Sneak Peek into the Big Product Updates Rolling Out Soon

Launching a customer feedback survey

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We are in the last steps of preparing for the big Feedbackly survey tool update. Feedbackly is known for listening to its customers’ wishes, and making their CX dreams true. During the next few months, we will start rolling out a series of bigger and smaller updates for everyone to use and so that you can rock even better with your Customer Experience!

During the entire year of 2022, we have done an uncountable amount of hard work to prepare for this exciting year with a ton of new stuff for you to enjoy. Excitement is already in the air all around us – can you feel it?

Our goal with the big survey update has always been simple – enable key features and functionalities to collect the highest possible quality of CX data. In the words of Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer, “Good decisions made on bad data are just bad decisions you don’t know about…yet”.

The wise words of Scott Taylor are what we and a lot of our customers came to realize when the pandemic hit – feedback collection was manual, unorganized, siloed, anonymous, and done from the needs of the organization and not the customers. During the pandemic, CX maturity in organizations increased rapidly because interactions became faceless, google searches for “customer journey map” skyrocketed, and teams were scrambling for customer understanding. Simply put, CX started evolving from a marketing department function to an organization-wide necessity.

So what has this to do with our survey update?

We have listened to our customers, researched the market trends and needs, and we have got a nice list of new features and functionalities to encourage the collection of better-quality feedback data. It’s time to level up your feedback collection!

To name a few examples of what the upcoming updates include:

  • Additional much-wanted question types for leveling up your surveys
  • Simpler ways for attaching contextual data (metadata) to feedback for higher-quality decision-making
  • Adding new data scales to simplify streamlining your CX KPIs with your organization’s KPIs
  • Modernizing the look and feel of the entire survey as well as the admin dashboard
  • And more, much more…

We want each row of feedback to be meaningful and valuable because we know if we succeed in this, you will fall in love with your feedback because the higher the quality, the bigger impact you are able to make on your business results. And if you want more of that high-quality data, then it’s a win-win for everyone – the better the experience for your customers, the better the business outcome for you, and the happier you and your customers, the happier are we as well.

We will start rolling out the updates soon and keep you updated with instructions and scheduling of the new features and functionalities. It’s going to be an awesome spring and summer. We’re super excited to start bringing you all the great news!

Talk to you soon and let’s get going! In the meantime, do reach out to us if you’re eager to learn more or have any questions. 🚀

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Stay tuned!

Your Feedbackly Team

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