Case Study: How IVALO.COM Doubled Its Customer Retention Rate in 6 Months

IVALO.COM online store

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IVALO.COM boosted their NPS by a magical 41% and doubled the customer retention rate only during the time of 6 months. Feedbackly had a chance to meet with their Chief Digital Officer Hanna Sairinen to discuss and learn how they did it. We are now excited to share this inspirational story also with you.

First, a couple of words about their background. IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion where you can find more than 100 sustainable brands for apparel and accessories. They are on a mission to put sustainable fashion designers in the spotlight and make sustainable fashion the industry standard.

Feedbackly has helped them build their CX program from the beginning and has offered all the needed tools and methods for making sure that CX, as well as business KPIs, are improving. Today, Customer Experience is one of the most important values for them because it has a great impact on attracting and retaining more customers.

I like that with Feedbackly we’re working towards goals as a team. Feedbackly is not just offering support on how to use the tool. They help with deciding what to add and when and where. What we get is not only customer support – they’re offering their CX expertise. It’s rather like having a business partner who’s helping us to get what we want.

Hanna Sairinen, Chief Digital Officer @ IVALO.COM

Main challenges

  • No organized and systematic way of measuring and improving CX
  • Online store user experience was lacking behind their and their customers’ expectations
  • Problems with attracting new customers as well as with customer retention


Multi-touchpoint feedback collection

IVALO.COM collects feedback on different customer journey stages on their online store, from pre-purchase to after-purchase. For this, they are using good-looking popup surveys and embed surveys on their online store that invite even the coldest visitors to share feedback. In addition to the surveys on their online store, they are also using embedded email surveys and easily shareable URL links.

With Feedbackly, you can edit the questionnaires as you wish and publish them in so many places – whether it’s a popup or an email, or an embed survey on a page or email. It offers a lot of different ways to collect feedback in different touchpoints on customer’s journey.

Hanna Sairinen, Chief Digital Officer @ IVALO.COM

Today, their well-organized omnichannel CX program helps them automatically gather insights about the Customer Effort Score (CES) from product exploration to purchasing processes, collect feedback about product information, and gather insights about the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

An actionable insight that has an impact

Already the first weeks of feedback collection helped them quickly learn what they needed to improve in their product selection, pricing, product information, and purchasing process. Automated notifications have helped them take action on critical problems promptly and the survey analytics dashboard has helped them dive deep into feedback and find the root causes of negative as well as positive feedback. Also, the personal Customer Success Manager has helped them personally to identify action points and improve their CX program on the go.

The first surveys gave right-away very important feedback about product selection and product information. Based on this feedback, we instantly took our focus on product selection and product information. Thanks to this input, the experience has already improved significantly and we can see it also in numbers. Thanks to Feedbackly notifications, this is now a continuous process and our eCommerce team can instantly act on customer feedback.

Hanna Sairinen, Chief Digital Officer @ IVALO.COM


Only during the time of 6 months:

  • Their online store visitors and customers have become significantly happier with IVALO.COM – Net Promoter Score (NPS) has grown 41%
  • The user experience of their online store has grown to a great extent and there is now much less effort needed to make a purchase –  Customer Effort Score (CES) has grown 16%

Thanks to the wise actions taken in improving customer experience and also on other fronts of the business, IVALO.COM revenue has grown on average of 28% month-to-month, the number of customers has grown about 25% month-to-month and their customer retention has boosted from 8% to 18%.

Open feedback about the problems that online store visitors face have clearly helped to make changes that have improved the online store user experience significantly. Our revenue has grown well month-to-month and among other changes, also improved CX has had an impact on attracting and converting more customers.

Hanna Sairinen, Chief Digital Officer @ IVALO.COM


Shoot us a message to learn more about the IVALO.COM story or how your business can turn customer feedback into revenue. Perhaps we can help you achieve your growth goals, too. 👇

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