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“Our whole team – from management to individual curators know how important it is to understand what our customers think about their experiences, and with Feedbackly, we get insights and actions to be taken to ensure a great customer experience on a daily basis.”

– Minna Raitmaa, Head of Public Programmes


Company background

Kiasma is a contemporary art museum in Helsinki, Finland, and part of the Finnish National Gallery. Kiasma is one of Feedbackly’s oldest customers. Together we have worked on building a customer experience strategy that helps to achieve their goal of creating meaningful and memorable experiences for all museum visitors.

Kiasma strives to put a personal touch on everything during the customer’s visit to the museum, from the table service café to their knowledgeable tour guides. They try to cater to a range of customer groups segmented by preferences and life cycle, with something for every generation. With over 300 000 visitors per year, 40% of which are first-time visitors, there is a constant challenge to capture the feelings and emotions of the visitor and turn this into something beautiful. The museum’s visitors are often amazed by its beautiful architecture both on the exterior facade of the building and inside its many exhibits owns about 460 stores and has operations in 19 countries..

How Kiasma utilizes Feedbackly

Feedbackly was chosen back in 2012 to measure the overall customer experience of visits to the museum. Kiasma uses a Feedbackly Terminal to collect feedback between the coat check and the main exit to reach as many visitors as possible. Feedbackly enables them to quickly identify themes in customer feedback and allows them to make changes as soon as these issues arise. Their customer experience and overall satisfaction are a part of their key performance metrics, and they are closely monitored from the Feedbackly dashboard. With their busy schedules, the Feedbackly automated weekly reports help them track what’s going on and what actions need to be taken to create valuable experiences for their customers.

Using Feedbackly’s survey logic feature, Kiasma is able to create smart surveys that react to their visitor’s responses in real time. For example, when a customer is unhappy with their experience, the survey automatically probes deeper into what exactly went wrong. This can also be used for segmenting users based on age or lifecycle to give deeper meaning to the data you collect.

Perfect for events

Being a museum, Kiasma is no stranger to hosting events. These events usually have a specified start and end date, and can range from a few weeks (for an exhibit) or even be as short as one day. Using the filter bookmark feature, they can quickly save filter presets for each event based on date, time, channel, and survey so that they can easily sort through their results and only see those that are relevant to a specific event. If they set up a Feedbackly Terminal in one exhibit on the 3rd floor, they can add only responses from that channel into that filter bookmark.

Continuing the collaboration

Kiasma has helped us shape our product and service in a number of ways. From how our software looks to the many features we offer today. Our own customers give us crucial insight into how Feedbackly works for them. And we constantly work with our customers to improve the product and in turn, help them improve their own customer experiences. The next step will be to start measuring the experience of Kiasma’s guided tours with Feedbackly mobile surveys to help the tour guides make the visitor experiences even better. Feedbackly is excited to continue the collaboration with Kiasma in the future, and take the next steps to ensure they have all of their touchpoints covered in their CX efforts. Whether it’s the visualisation of our surveys or creating more personalised experiences.

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