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Identifying customer experience blind spots with Feedbackly

Company Background

XXL is a leading and fastest-growing Nordic sports retailer with stores and e-commerce in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. XXL pursues a broad customer appeal, offering a “one-stop-shop” experience with a wide range of products for sports, hunting, skiing, biking and other outdoor activities. XXL’s concept is to have the largest stores with the lowest prices and the widest assortment of products, focusing on branded goods.

Identifying customer experience blind spots

Customer satisfaction is one of XXL’s core values and with Feedbackly XXL gathers feedback from spots in their customer journey which were not visible to the company earlier. One key goal for XXL is to understand which factors drive consumers from online to offline – and vice versa.

The feedback collection happens during and after the purchase process both online and offline. Only in Finland, XXL receives thousands of feedbacks on daily basis through in-store feedback terminals and via webshop plugins. Further, XXL gathers thousands of new monthly subscribers for their marketing with the tools provided by Feedbackly.


We know our core customer quite well but we want more information about why the customer shops or browses our online and offline channels. Collecting continuous feedback and marketing leads gives us better picture where we need to improve and helps us to target our marketing better.

Toni Stigzelius, Country Director @ XXL


Results from using Feedbackly

One of the main reasons for choosing Feedbackly as their corporate-wide solution was the ability to collect feedback both online and offline with the same system. Easy-to-use tools and comprehensive online analytics made the decision easy.

The main business benefits for gathering feedback for XXL are:

  • Improved marketing focus by finding out where the customers are coming to shop with XXL and comparing between online and offline channels
  • Enhancing store-operations by measuring overall customer satisfaction and comparing the performance of different stores
  • Enhancing online customer experience by understanding what are the main use cases why customers browse online and what factors drive customers from one channel to another
  • Collecting thousands of new e-mails and leads by promoting surveys with competitions

Expanding the solution to all countries

Next, XXL is planning to add multiple feedback terminal solutions to new stores and trial new website plugins in their webshops. The goal is to have a holistic view of customer satisfaction and measure it throughout all channels and all countries.


With Feedbackly we are not only able to gather feedback but really improve customer satisfaction which leads to operational efficiencies and growing sales in all channels.

Toni Stigzelius, Country Director @ XXL

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