Peten Koiratarvike

Up to 7% annual growth in response amount

Company background

Peten Koiratarvike is one of the leading pet suppliers in Finland. They offer a wide range of products for dogs, cats, and small animals. In addition to three big brick-and-mortar stores, they also have a hugely popular online store. Peten Koiratarvike is growing annually in terms of the variety of products as well as in revenue. Over the last years, their eCommerce store revenue has grown annually by about 30-40%. One of the factors that has impacted the growth is offering better experiences for customers. They use Feedbackly for gathering feedback and measuring customer satisfaction in their online store.

Main challenges

One of the main challenges Peten Koiratarvike faced was a lack of real feedback from their customers. They could make assumptions based on transactional data and webshop analytics, but they didn’t have enough information about what their customers really like, dislike, and how they could improve customer experience. They have always valued customer feedback, but they were missing a solution that could give an overview of the happiness across the entire customer journey in real-time.

Why Feedbackly?

Feedbackly supports Peten Koiratarvike to use customer-centric thinking. It offers an easy-to-use solution for collecting customer feedback and for having a complete overview of customer happiness with a blink of an eye.

“Measuring Customer Experience is not nice-to-have but must-have and Feedbackly fits perfect for this purpose.”

Venla Siltanen, Marketing Specialist @ Peten Koiratarvike

With Feedbackly, they have been able to create surveys for any of their needs. Feedbackly has helped them measure general satisfaction as well as gather feedback about the online store usability, the variety of products, and also about specific products. There hasn’t yet been a situation without a suitable solution. Additionally, automated notifications have helped them to save any problematic situations instantly – “This is a really good feature if response amounts are high” (Venla Siltanen, Peten Koiratarvike)

In addition to gathering feedback effortlessly, they have used the feedback gathered for improving marketing communication. This way the feedback gathered with Feedbackly has not only helped to improve customer experience but has also had a straight impact on sales.

“We have also used the feedback gathered to pinpoint in our communication what our customers love about us most.”

Anu Hujala, Marketing Manager @ Peten Koiratarvike

Last but not least, thanks to the help of our CX experts and always-quick support, also non of their challenges have been unsolved.

“If there are any problems on the way, you’ll always quickly get answers from the professional support team via live chat.”

Venla Siltanen, Marketing Specialist @ Peten Koiratarvike


Since starting with Feedbackly, Peten Koiratarvike has collected up to 7% more responses every year. With the help of easily analyzable and understandable customer feedback, they have been able to improve their customer-centric decision-making more insightful and the decisions rely on facts.

“With the help of Feedbackly, we’ve been able to measure how happy are customers with our online store experience, why they haven’t completed their orders and do customers find the products they are searching for. If any feedback is repetitive, it is a clear sign about the area that needs improvement. Thanks to surveying, we have found important improvement points about the areas from the user experience until the variety of products.”

Venla Siltanen, Marketing Specialist @ Peten Koiratarvike

Over the last years, their eCommerce store revenue has grown annually by about 30-40%. One of the important factors that has impacted the growth is continuously improving customer experience. The high-quality decisions have helped them improve their online store’s customer experience and customer happiness significantly. Customer experience data is nowadays one of the core insights analyzed also by the management team.

“Feedbackly makes possible customer-centric online store development. Thanks to the consequent following of customer feedback, we have been able to understand how to improve the user experience of our online store so that it would serve our customers better every day.”

Venla Siltanen, Marketing Specialist @ Peten Koiratarvike

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