Customer Journey Map Free Template

This customer journey map template will allow you to keep track of your customer journey by laying out each step in one place.

Enter to this customer journey map template your customer activity, goals, touchpoints, feedback, etc. for each stage of the customer journey and get a birds’ eye view of your customer experience performance.

This Customer Journey Map template helps you to map your :

  • Customer goals and activity
  • Customer touchpoints with your business
  • Customer feedback collection methods and KPIs
  • Company goals and activity
  • Challenges and the main KPI for each customer journey stage
  • Ownership


It’s free of charge. Take it, use it and let’s build better customer experiences together!

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What is it

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A Customer Journey map is a visualization of the buyer’s journey to gain a better understanding of your clients. You start with a basic sketch that outlines the major phases and then, you develop it into a fully-fledged map that highlights every interaction and touchpoint.

This template is created specifically to help businesses map their customer journeys from Awareness to Consideration to Loyalty. It’s a simple Excel file – feel free to modify it to your needs as you wish to!

Customer Journey Map overview

Why you need it

Comprehensive yet simple free Customer Journey Map Template

A customer journey map is like a puzzle. Every touchpoint slots into your customer journey, building each stage bit by bit to reveal the overall picture of your organization’s customer experience. With so many touchpoints across multiple online and offline platforms, the puzzle has become far more complex in recent years. This has even made it more difficult to know exactly what pieces you need… That’s why we created this easy to follow Customer Journey Map template.

With the help of this template, you can pinpoint your weak spots and you can feel confident about what you are doing well.

Free Customer Journey Map Template

This customer journey map template has been downloaded by thousands of CX and marketing professionals globally.

Need automation?

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