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Every company has unique requirements for its customer experience strategy. We built Feedbackly to meet the most requested and highest value features for medium-sized companies to large enterprises. We compiled a features matrix so you can see how Feedbackly stacks up against the competition.

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CX softwares comparison: Feedbackly, Survey Monkey, GetFeedback, HappyOrNot, Ask Nicely, Qualtrics

“The amount of feedback is incredible compared to our other channels. With Feedbackly, we get hundreds of responses every day. I think this will also improve the clients’ view on us.”



Joacim Hallberg, Marketing Coordinator

Why companies move to Feedbackly


Marketers and customer experience professionals often move to Feedbackly when they find that other solutions don’t offer true end-to-end customer journeys. With other tools, the more you grow, the more you’re charged and the harder it becomes to manage your entire customer journey.

Simply put, Feedbackly is more powerful and comprehensive than the competition.

True Omnichannel Measurement


Automate customer feedback collection through the entire customer journey pre+post purchase. Convert 7%-40%!

End-To-End Customer Journey


Automated analytics & machine learning to discover the root causes, fix problems in real time and delight your customers.

Upsell And Integrations


Connect to all your favourite apps, Automate support tickets and sell more automatically with upsell offers. Convert +10% to take action!

The EXperience Suite With Trainings


Feedbackly’s Experience suite comes with everything you need: CX tool, EX tool, virtual trainings, consulting and program building.

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