Why Feedbackly is the Best CXM Tool for Automotive Industry

Best CX tool for automotive industry

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If you are engaged in the automotive industry and are looking for resources that would help you optimize the customer experience in your business, this article is for you!

Customer behavior in the automotive industry is unique, and therefore attracting and retaining clients need a different strategy. Think about it. Most of the time, buying a car is primarily driven by a person’s emotions. For example, purchasing a car that you have been dreaming of since childhood, or one that caught your eye in a movie or television advertisement is tied to how you feel about the vehicle based on your perceptions about it. 

So, as a vehicle dealer, you need to be aware of your customers’ emotions, elevate them, and get them hooked on the product! 

How Do You Measure Emotions?

If you want to enhance the customer experience in your automotive business or brand, you have to pay attention to customer emotions. As mentioned above, emotions play a stronger role in influencing buyers’ decisions when compared to recommendations (NPS). It means that you need a metric that can help you capture customer emotions at various touchpoints or stages in the customer journey. The answer is Emotional Experience (EE). In simple terms, it refers to how your customers view your brand. The Emotional Value Index (EVI®) measures the emotional experience delivered by a brand to its customers and identifies the type of emotions that drive the highest sales. 

Why Choose Feedbackly?

Given how invaluable EVI® is for CX management in the automotive industry, it’s important that you select a Customer Experience Management (CXM) tool that can help you measure it. Only then it’s possible for you to understand what type of emotions you need to evoke in customers to sell more cars. 

Feedbackly is the only CXM platform that helps you measure human emotions! From all the needed survey templates to omnichannel support to detailed analytics, we have got you covered. In addition to many other vital CX metrics, Feedbackly also facilitates EVI® – helping you keep track of customer emotions effectively across your entire customer journey!

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How Does Feedbackly Differ from Other CXM Tools?

In general circumstances, customer feedback is impacted by your sales representatives. However, Feedbackly prevents it from happening! Since EVI® measures how people feel, it’s not biased towards external aspects. The feedback that’s collected via EVI® is only a collection of emotions, which are not positive or negative when considered at the core level. 

Both happiness and sadness can compel customers to make the purchase – a vehicle, in this case. Emotionally driven purchases like cars are brought even to make oneself feel better during a tough time. At the same time, they are also brought as part of celebrations and joyful occasions. 

Another important aspect to remember is that CX management isn’t merely limited to gathering and analyzing feedback. A reliable CXM tool should also offer you actionable insights. Feedbackly also equips you with the required knowledge to gather and utilize vital customer feedback and data for the benefit of your organization. Our CX experts as well as our CX Academy online courses will provide all the guidance and consultation required for you to optimize CXM at your organization and become a front-runner in CX.

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Feedbackly is one of the leading CXM platforms in the world today. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and rich in features to provide businesses with comprehensive and in-depth analytics. Customers from various industries utilize our platform to improve CX boost their revenue. If you want to learn more about the amazing features in Feedbackly, including EVI®, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team is always available to guide you!

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