Location, Location, Location. Where Do I Put My Feedbackly Terminal?

Feedbackly terminal

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The Feedbackly Terminal is a sophisticated iPad based device that is currently being used in over 300 customer locations, collecting valuable customer feedback data for leading customer-centric businesses all over the world. With features like customer satisfaction surveys, open ended response capabilities and a unique ‘upsell’ iPhone competition, the Feedbackly Terminal is truly one of a kind.

Once you have a Feedbackly Terminal installed in your store, the next step is to learn how optimize your station and get the most out of the service. It is not only important to understand the key features but to also pay particular attention to the location of your device within your store or service area. Carefully picking the location for your device is a great way to receive even higher levels of customer feedback and grow your overall customer experience.

Here are our top tips:

Location, Location, Location

Location is the key to success. Putting your Terminal at the back of the store behind the “bargain basin” will hinder your ability to collect optimal amounts of feedback. You wouldn’t put your postbox on the kids’ tree-house, so why would you do the same for your customer feedback tool?

If you want to receive that very important letter in the post, you’ll make sure that your postbox is easy to find and right at the front of your house. The same goes for feedback. If you want to receive as much customer feedback as possible you should make sure that the Terminal is visible and located at the point where you experience the most traffic in your store.

You should always try to make the Terminal as visible as possible, ensure that it is unobstructed by poles or other objects and is placed in an area where your customers are most likely to walk through. If the aim of your survey is to analyse the overall satisfaction of your customer’s visit, then a good idea would be to place the Terminal after the cashier/checkout area. Similarly, when looking to measure the success of your in-store customer support, you could place the Terminal near your customer service desk.

Communication Is Key

With your Terminal now placed at its most optimal location, the next thing to consider should be drawing attention to the station. By directing customers towards the device and clearly communicating the purpose of the survey you will encourage them to leave more frequent, honest feedback.  A commonly used method is to use print-outs, posters and other marketing material and attach it either to the Terminal itself or in the surrounding area.

To further encourage customer engagement, Feedbackly customers also have the option to attach a branded backboard to the Terminal. This is a portable, easy way to let customers know that you value their opinion. A lot of our customers also avail of our very popular iPhone competition, which is guaranteed to increase the amount of feedback you receive, while helping you to build a marketing/sales email database for future ‘upsell’ offers.

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