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Feedbackly NPS Score

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At Feedbackly we strongly believe that to be the best in your industry, you must consistently listen to your customers and make changes to suit their needs. Only your customers know exactly how they feel about your company and can provide the best insights into how your product could change their lives, steering you towards the ultimate goal of achieving strong customer advocacy and loyalty. This is where Feedbackly shines above the rest.

A top-quality, personalized service generally leads to great customer experience, which in turn makes it far more likely for your customers to recommend you to a friend. What better way to reach new customers than to have your own customers do it for you. And so with that in mind we decided to share our own NPS (Net Promoter Score) from the last 6 months to show what our customers think of Feedbackly, and to outline how their voice has shaped our company.

In short, NPS is a standardized way of measuring how likely your customers are to recommend your company to a friend or colleague. This is a good indicator of customer satisfaction and can be easily compared across industries. (For more details on NPS, check out our previous blog post HERE)

Since NPS is a standardized measurement system, the question and options are always the same. The question is always some variation of “how likely are you to recommend us to a friend/colleague?” The respondent can choose from 1-10. 1 being least likely, and 10 being most likely.

Of course this system can be configured manually, but as we will see below, NPS requires some calculation to get to the final, valuable data. Luckily, Feedbackly allows you to automate this process with our NPS question type. It is the easiest way to find your NPS score without having to do any manual calculations.

Our methodology was to create a short survey (only 1 question) asking our existing customers an NPS question. This survey was delivered via our customer support service as a direct link, as well as an in-application popup using our web integration. You can send your surveys out using any one of our many integrations. You can find the results below:

The Results

Feedbackly NPS Score

To calculate your NPS score you simply need to detract the percentage of ‘Detractors’ from the percentage of ‘Promoters’. Over the past 6 months, out of a total of 55 responses there were:

41 Promoters: 74.55%

2 Detractors: 3.64%

Which brings Feedbackly’s NPS score to a total of 71

What Does This Mean?

NPS Score Analysis

The very positive NPS score of 71 puts Feedbackly in the ‘World Class’ tier, which we aim to build upon even further over the coming months by listening to our customers and making changes that really matter to them.

As you can see from the above graph; a score of 0 to +50 is Good, +50 to +70 is Excellent and +70 to +100 is World Class.

Knowing your result is the first step towards success, no matter where you are on the scale you can always improve and work toward that coveted ‘World Class’ status.

How Have We Used Customer Feedback To Improve Feedbackly?

The benefit of gathering feedback directly from your customers is that you can tailor your product and processes to best-suit their needs. The more you listen, the more you improve your product and increase your NPS score. So having received some great suggestions from our Feedbackly users, we developed a brand new feature:

The Feedback Inbox. This feature allows users to manage customer communications directly from their Feedbackly dashboard, using contact details provided by their own promoters and detractors.

Regular updates like this are a great way to make sure your product stays relevant to the people who use it and will help you to build towards a World Class NPS score.

Feedback From Our Users

Feedbackly supports multiple languages, giving you the opportunity to listen to your customers all over the world so that you can develop a better product to suit all types of markets.

“Ease of use, and beauty of the design.”

“Nopea ja ystävällinen palvelu.” – In Finnish, meaning ‘Fast and friendly service’.

“I’d like to be able to respond to feedback in-app when someone shares their email address with me.”– Thanks to this request and other similar comments from our customers we developed our brand new Feedback Inbox feature, to help our customers manage their customer database quicker and more efficiently.

Looking Forward To The Future

Even though NPS scores are essentially a reflection of your past and present customer experience, the most important take-away is that your score is a benchmark that allows you to build towards the future to become world leaders in customer experience.

Want to find out more about how Feedbackly can help you stay up to date on your own NPS score? Check out http://www.feedbackly.com for more.

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