The Possibilities of Multiple Choice and Question logic

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With Feedbackly, you can create surveys using any one of our 8 question types. One of the most useful and versatile types is the ‘word choice’ option. This is one of the more traditional question types that has been used in customer surveys for decades. With Feedbackly’s Q3 2017 product release, we are giving our users the ability to enable respondents to choose multiple answers in one question. This opens up unlimited opportunities when combined with our ‘question logic’ feature. You can customize your surveys to react to any combination of responses, including multiple choice questions.

Programming Logic Into Your Surveys

Say you have a word choice question asking your customers to choose the feature that most appeals to them in a new smartphone. The options are:

1. Screen size

2. Storage capacity

3. Operating system

4. Camera quality

In this question only 1 answer can be ‘most’ important to them, so you have the opportunity to program some interesting logic. You can create 4 question sets within your survey that apply to each one of the options above. Meaning that if a respondent chooses option 1 – screen size, they will automatically jump to a set a questions that dive deeper into the specifics of why screen size is important to them.

Now, say you have another word choice question asking your customers what type of smartphone they have previously owned. The options are:

1. iPhone

2. Android

3. Nokia

4. Windows Phone

You should allow users to select more than one option since it is possible for them to have owned more than one type of phone. In this case programming logic is more complex, and is set so that the last option selected triggers the logic. This means that if option 2 – Android is the last option they select, that will be the answer that triggers the survey logic for that question.

In the future, our logic settings will allow you to do more advanced triggering like combinations of answers and so on. For now, keep sending us your feature requests because we love learning about new ways of using Feedbackly. The possibilities are endless!

For step-by-step instructions on how to enable multiple choice questions, click below:

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