Planning and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Surveys 101

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Planning and analyzing a customer satisfaction survey are two major aspects in your daily business. These two factors, when combined could substantially contribute to the future profits and success or consequent failure of any business endeavor. It must be significant to keep in mind that satisfying your customer is the major key to success of an enterprise and without it you are going to lose your customers who might then jump to your competitor, which in turn could leave you hanging loose. Here are few tips that feature some important and useful points for analyzing and planning customer satisfaction surveys that can greatly improve your business endeavors in turn. With these you will get started and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Planning a customer satisfaction survey

While planning a customer survey, it is important for you to look at the key points of your business, products or services. You may work directly with your customers or business partners, have your own price structure, have a major emphasis on customer service, have your own delivery service etc. Focus on your key points, major details of the business and then plan your customer satisfaction surveys. Above all, first decide what would you like to know and why would you like to know it. This will be the goal of your survey and it should be solid and compact idea of why are you doing this in the first place.

Managing Surveys 

The major agenda of taking customer satisfaction survey is to help you make well thought changes that will guarantee customer satisfaction in the future and enhance your business. Managing and collecting real-time customer feedback is very important. To understand the views of your customers on the whole continous feedback is the only way. Due to the large amount of surveys, it is always difficult for the organizations to manage all of them but thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now possible to manage all your surveys at one place. This is very important as the complexity grows really fast when you start collecting the data. So my suggestion is that use one software or tool to help you manage and keep everything in order. You will thank me later when you return to your results after some time!


When looking at the feedback from customers, it is important for you to take surveys from few different types of people. Idea is to capture the feedback from all the important touch points of the customer journey. For example from customers that trade with you on regular basis or from the new customers or from the customers that have traded with you just twice or thrice. And in the end from the customers that decided not to do business with you. After this you are able to analyze why some customer buy from you and why others don´t. Compare these two groups to each other! When you know this, you can take actions to sell more to your current customers and get new customer from those who you haven´t done business yet! This is ofcourse only one aspect of the analysis but comparing segments and time series is a very good first step to take.

There are a lot of feedback management software solutions present on the web that offer numerous methods for distributing surveys to your customers. These solutions promise convenient access to your customers whether they are online, on-web or both. If you believe that feedback management software solution is the answer to your company’s survey management needs, you can easily find a suitable solution provider using the web.

To plan your customer satisfaction surveys, use above points to improve them and make your life a little bit easier. The major agenda of taking customer satisfaction survey is to help you make well thought out changes that will definitely guarantee customer satisfaction in the future.

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