Introducing the Feedback Inbox

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You asked for it, so we made it! It’s as simple as that. Many of our users have been requesting a way to directly communicate with their customers without leaving the Feedbackly dashboard. You can now send SMS messages or emails to your customers quickly and easily with the feedback inbox!

Assign feedback to specific user groups, and mark issues as processed to keep track of your customer support efforts. All while collecting crucial data necessary to improve your overall customer experience. Not only can the feedback inbox help you retain customers in the short term by fixing urgent acute issues, it will also help you retain customers in the long term by enabling you to provide a consistently positive customer experience.

SMS messages

When a response appears in your feedback inbox, you have the option to send an SMS message directly to a customer’s mobile phone. This can be used to send offers to unhappy customers or to send rewards to loyal customers. Customer retention is so  important and the feedback inbox will help you decrease customer churn.


Send carefully crafted emails to your customer’s inboxes. As a customer service tool, it is invaluable to be able to cite the source of the issue so you can work with your customers to fix it. By using the details they leave in the survey, you can find out where you went wrong and how to fix the problem. Offering a discount code on their next purchase is a good way to make up for a customer service shortcoming.

The feedback inbox is only available to our company plan subscribers. Check out our subscription pricing for more details.

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