How do you create an effective customer experience strategy? It’s definitely not a short-term plan.

Building a CX strategy takes effective planning, management of resources, and use of the right tools. It’s integral to the culture of your company.

The best way to turn knowledge into wisdom is through practice, and for that you’ll need a cheat sheet. We’ve turned our knowledge from nearly 10 years of building the world’s best customer experience strategies into a free eBook: Customer Experience Cheat Sheet.

This 8 chapter eBook goes through the key stages of developing and executing a customer experience strategy, with information on how to manage key stakeholders and touchpoints.

The ultimate goal is to create better customer experiences.

Download the Free eBook

Customer Experience Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Evely Kaasiku

Evely is Feedbackly’s Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all the communication at Feedbackly. She is a real queen of numbers and tables at her work. In her free time, she likes orienteering – running with a map and compass in forests around the world. In fact, she belongs among the best orienteers in the world.

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