Feedbackly Teams Up With OP Bank To Launch The ‘Finland’s Best Online Store’ Competition

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We’ve been cooking up something special for the Finnish eCommerce industry over the past few months. We have officially partnered with OP, Finland’s largest bank and purveyors of online payment processing tool Checkout to create an advanced analytics tool for eCommerce companies to measure their customer experience strategy. This tool will allow companies to measure every step of their customer journey and allow them to see exactly where their customer experience is succeeding, and where it needs work.

This is big news for eCommerce retailers in Finland. Even bigger news is the fact that we are launching a Finland-wide competition to find Finland’s Best Online Store (Suomen Paras Verkkokauppa). All you need to do is register your company (for free!) and start collecting feedback. The company with the highest average customer satisfaction level at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner and given the title of “Finland’s Best Online Store”.

The competition is split into 2 categories in order to keep things fair:

  • < 2 million annual revenue
  • > 2 million annual revenue

The purpose of the competition is to foster success for Finnish eCommerce stores. Feedbackly is a Finnish company (headquartered in Helsinki), so we take pride in being able to help companies in our home country and enjoy reading all of the success stories our customers send us! Of course, eCommerce is a competitive industry; the main impetus of the competition is to act as a catalyst for the digitalization of trade within Finland and the internationalization of Finnish companies.

The ‘Finland’s Best Online Store’ competition was announced on stage at the Ecommerce + Shop Tech Helsinki event by the CEO of Checkout Finland, Perttu Kröger.


The top 3 companies in both categories will get a ticket to attend the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition in Chicago between June 6-8, 2018.

  1. The 1st place company in both categories will also receive the trusted eCommerce award by eCommerce Finland.
  2. The 2nd place company in both categories will also receive tickets to attend the Kaupan Trendit event in Helsinki.

Registration for the competition is now open, and the competition itself will run from April 16th to May 13th. You have until April 15th to register, but do so immediately so you can get oriented in time to hit the ground running! For more details, go to the official competition page here (only available in Finnish).

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