Feedbackly + Salesforce: Make Upsell and Close More Deals, Automatically

Feedbackly integrates with Salesforce

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In the customer experience niche, Salesforce has proven to be one of the very valuable tools. It helps companies manage their relationships with customers more effectively and conveniently. By keeping track of all customer-related information and interactions, Salesforce helps you achieve just about anything. But, to offer your customers the best possible service, you need to learn and understand them first.

Now, Feedbackly is a tool that offers you just that. By tracking, gathering, and analyzing feedback throughout the customer journey, Feedbackly helps you engage with customers better. It gives you a good picture of your customer’s requirements, behavior, and other needs. 

Did you know that you can improve customer relationship management and optimize customer experience by integrating these great tools? 

Here’s what you can do with it!

Trigger Targeted Surveys 

Surveys are an important element that helps you gather vital data regarding your business. But, if you are to generate effective and relevant results from them, you need to ask the right questions. For this, you need accurate information on the particular stage of the customer journey

Here’s what you can do.

You can send the information available on the lead deal stage from your Salesforce platform to Feedbackly and trigger surveys based on them. Essentially, your customer will get a useful survey that matches their deal stage within a matter of seconds based on the data that’s obtained from Salesforce regarding customer relations.

Find Your Hottest Leads

Not every prospect will project the same level of enthusiasm. It could be due to differences in their requirements, perceptions, or behavioral patterns. Therefore, you need to understand your most satisfied leads and focus on converting them into loyal customers. 

Want to know who are your best potential customers? All you have to do is enable that the data you have gathered is automatically transferred via Feedbackly surveys to Salesforce. Then, you will be able to identify the best leads – the most satisfied potential clients. Using this customer persona, you can target your marketing campaigns better to attract more potential clients effectively. 

Close Deals Efficiently 

The ultimate purpose of identifying hot leads is to bring more customers on board. Now that you have convinced potential customers about your product/service, the next step is to get them to purchase it. It is a critical point. Nudging the prospect at the wrong time or situation to purchase the product can deter them from your business. So, you must contact them at the right time. Don’t worry.

You will have adequate data on your leads from the feedback you have gathered from them. Using this, you can contact potential customers with the correct message – a message based on their responses and close the deal. Integrating Feedbackly with Salesforce helps you gain a detailed picture of your prospects and close deals more efficiently. 

Upsell and Boost Your Sales 

As we mentioned earlier, identifying who are hot leads and who are not is very important. It’s not just because you can target hot leads and close deals more effectively. It’s also because hot leads are delighted prospects who would gladly welcome your upselling requests! By knowing your “hottest leads,” you can upsell more and earn more revenue.

When done right, upselling can reward your business in many ways. When you recommend products that complement the main product, and if the customer truly benefits from the combined purchase, their loyalty and satisfaction towards the business will increase. So, the monetary benefit aside, upselling also shows that you understand your leads well. And integrating Feedbackly with Salesforce makes your upsell happen automatically.


The best thing about the integration of Feedbackly and Salesforce is that data transfer to and from these platforms is automated. It is also possible to automate targeted surveys and messages. So, although the above actions might seem like a difficult process, it is actually simple because literally, everything is automated!

Like Salesforce, Feedbackly is compatible with a number of renowned platforms aimed towards customer experience and relationship management.


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