Free Customer Journey Map Template for Retail

Customer journey map for retail businesses

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Your customer’s journey is always unique from other companies, and a customer journey map is like a puzzle. Every touchpoint slots into your customer journey, building each stage bit by bit to reveal the overall picture of your organization’s customer experience.

In recent years, this puzzle has become more and more complex to build, manage and measure. The Retail industry in particular is one of the most rapidly developing industries in terms of technological advancements. What pieces do you need to put together and consider when developing your customer journey in this new competitive landscape driven by technology? This sparked us to create this Excel template for retail companies to map out their most important customer journeys.

What is a Customer Journey Map template?

This Customer Journey Map template will allow you to keep track of your customer journey by laying out each step in one place. We have created an industry standard example for you that you can use as a starting point. You can enter customer activity, goals, touchpoints, feedback, etc. for each step of the customer journey. By mapping out your customer journey, you will immediately get a more high-level perspective of your overall customer experience performance.

The importance of customer journey mapping is indisputable. You need to see how your customers interact with you in each step of the customer journey, and this journey will change depending on your industry, business model, and available sales channels. Every touchpoint behaves differently and you must consider all possible touchpoints to accurately represent the journey your customer takes.

Why it’s important to map your customers’ journeys?

It is important to be able to identify the areas in which your feedback data originates – meaning that your customer satisfaction levels in the awareness phase should be differentiated from your customer satisfaction level in the product/service delivery phase. If you are not taking advantage of customer journey mapping, you cannot be sure that you will be making the correct business decisions and are potentially adding unnecessary risk to your operations.

Try using this customer journey map template in conjunction with Feedbackly to see exactly how your customer feedback affects performance and vice versa. Enjoy this download and head over here to see many more of our free ebooks, templates, and checklists.

Download the free Customer Journey Map here:

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