The Feedbackly Retail Solution

Get customer feedback in your store with the beautifully designed Feedbackly Terminal.

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It is all about the journey.


From pre-purchase to loyalty and reviews

Customer journeys can be complex and hard to manage but they do not have to be. Feedbackly helps you to capture and manage the entire journey end-to-end from the pre-purchase face all the way to post-purchase and reviews and employee experience. Create and draw as many customer journey maps as you need for your location or retail chain.

Plug-in and go (that's it)

No overly complicated systems here – your Feedbackly Terminal comes pre-assembled and pre-installed

Fully scaleable

Easily manage hundreds of Feedbackly Terminals

Remote management

Our remote management software alerts you when a kiosk appears offline

Dedicated support

Phone and chat support always available when you need it

Feedbackly Cloud

Feedback automatically syncs to your dashboard - even when offline

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“The amount of feedback is incredible compared to our other channels. With Feedbackly, we get hundreds of responses every day. I think this will also improve the clients’ view on us.”



Joacim Hallberg, Marketing Coordinator

What will I get?

We understand that investing in Customer Experience might feel a little ambiguous but there are huge returns.

Grow profits

Every dollar invested in CX brings it back in multiplied. Better decisions, higher loyalty, and increased customer lifetime value grows your bottom line.

Have piece of mind

Every leader and manager needs to stay up to date on where their business is going whether they are running a store or a chain - and now it easy and effortless!

Develop business

React to issues in real-time and reward your employees from good efforts in customer service. Now you can easily ensure the quality of your customer service.

Never lose an opportunity

New sales and marketing opportunities are the lifelines of every retail store. Let your customers tell you what they need and react to their needs in real-time and find those diamonds.

Grow with Feedbackly

Take a personalized demo with a CX specialist to see exactly how Feedbackly can help you attract and retain more customers. Seeing is believing.

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