Real-time Customer Journey Analytics

With Feedbackly’s Customer Journey Analytics, you can map out multiple customer journeys and assign KPIs to measure performance.

Identify bottlenecks and problem areas in your customer journeys and track your performance in real time.

Customer Journey Analytics

Multi-touchpoint feedback collection

Inbound and outbound feedback collection across your entire customer journey – all in one place.

Publish the same survey on multiple touchpoints and watch the feedback roll in.

Collect customer feedback, omnichannel

Build customizable journeys and analyze them real-time

From awareness to loyalty – your Customer Journey Analytics gives you a bird’s-eye view. Build as many journeys as you need!

Identify bottlenecks, drill down to root causes and take action immediately.

Real-time Customer Journey Analytics
Free Customer Journey Map Template

The only Customer Journey Map Template that you need

Just fill in the cells and get an overview of your CX performance. This template is used by thousands of marketing and CX professionals worldwide.

Optimized for success

We have optimized conversions for you

To derive the most data and value from your Customer Experience program, we optimize your touchpoint conversions so you don’t have to.


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“From the Customer Journey level overview of our EVI® score fluctuation, it is easy to start drilling down the EVI® score to the feedback given on specific touchpoints and quickly find reasons that have resulted in a specific numeric EVI® score.”

– Sara Toivakainen, Customer Experience Officer

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