Use Feedback To Boost Your Employee Experience

Use Feedback To Boost Your Employee Experience Feedbackly Blog

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Improving customer experience is fast becoming one of the most important strategies for businesses. In fact, Gartner reported that:

“By 2018, more than 50% of organizations will implement significant business model changes in their efforts to improve customer experience”

Most CEOs now agree that improving customer experience is vital to their company’s success, but often forget that their employees are the key ingredient to making those improvements. Customer experience strategies require a far wider variety of process changes than most CEOs generally consider, leaving a chinks in the armor of their organization.

One such process, which is often omitted from customer experience models, is the “employee experience”. In this blog post we will explain how employee experience can boost your CX plan, and highlight how feedback can be used to strengthen your strategies.

Use Customer Feedback To Motivate Your Team

Customer feedback is a versatile tool that is fast becoming one of the most prioritized methods of increasing customer experience among industry leaders. It can be applied in so many ways, the most common of which is for process development and creating better standards in-store, online or in customer support.

Another frequent use of customer feedback is for marketing purposes. Customer feedback software tools allow you to gather contact details for marketing databases, while also enabling you to share the positive feedback that you have obtained through your surveys with potential customers.

Customer Feedback - Employee Experience - Like a boss

However, a method that is often under-utilized by companies when building a customer experience strategy, and the main focus of this article, the use of customer feedback to motivate employees. Positive feedback is a direct way of showing employees that their work directly affects customers and that when they do a good job, their customers reap the benefits. By creating a rewards system, based on NPS scores or general positive feedback, you can demonstrate how each employee’s efforts fit into the overall strategy of the company, encouraging them to develop a customer-centric approach to their jobs. This is most commonly used by, but not limited to, managers motivating customer service teams. The opportunity is there to implement customer feedback reward systems in every facet of your organization, creating a better customer-focused company culture.

“Everyone in every company is, in some way, responsible for the customer experience” – Howard Pyle, Head of CX at MetLife.

Use Employee Feedback To Give Your Employees A Voice

Feedback should not just be limited to customers either. As important as the customer’s voice is, company employees have their fair share to say too. They deal with internal processes on a daily basis and are the first point of contact for customers at each touchpoint along the customer journey. Employees regularly have good suggestions for making improvements that will positively affect customer experience. By actively gathering your employees’ feedback, companies can not only improve the efficiency of their internal and customer facing processes, but can also use this communication model to motivate employees further by showing them that their voice matters and that when good suggestions are made, management will take action.

Employee Experience to improve customer experience

Employee Advocacy

Simply put, if an employee loves working for a company, believes in the the product and feels that they have a voice within the organization, they are going to become advocates for their company. Furthermore, when customers see that employees genuinely believe in the product they are more likely to trust the marketing message of the organization. Trust is earned and this is a great way to gain the trust of your customers.

Temkin Group reported that, “companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.”

Improved Customer Experience

The most successful customer experience strategies are those that highlight a company’s unique brand values and attributes. The same can be said for employee experience. By creating a personalized employee experience and aligning it with the core values of the customer experience, companies can motivate their employees and leverage the collective power of their entire workforce to make changes that will delight their customers.

If you would like to learn more about customer feedback and how it can help you to improve your customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, check out our website to see what Feedbackly has to offer!

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