How to Identify Action Points from Customer Feedback?

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Customer feedback is one of the best resources for a business to fine-tune its Customer Experience (CX) program as it directly projects what customers expect from your brand. You get to identify what’s bad, fascinating, and lacking about your business accurately as opposed to hypothesizing them.

Therefore, gathering customer feedback is vital for a business to improve and grow with the help of its clientele. That’s not enough. You also have to analyze them and convert them into actionable insights. 

But how exactly can you do it?

In this article, we explain how you can identify what actions need to be taken based on your customer feedback. 

1. Perform Root Causes Analyses to Identify Reasons for Customer Churn and Fix Them

Why are your customers turning away from you? What are the weak touchpoints that deter your customers from doing business with you? Why is your repetitive purchase rate so low?

All of these can be answered if you ask them from your customers. Design surveys that are geared towards measuring customer satisfaction, customer effort score, and other metrics that would help you understand the customer churn rate of the business. You can have open-ended questions for customers to specify their problems. In addition to these, you can also reach out to customers individually, seeking their opinions, and even monitor engagements related to your brand on social media platforms.

Gather feedback from a multitude of sources and identify the root causes of customer churn. Your immediate task would be to fix them. Communicate with relevant departments and direct the issues towards them. Once the issues are fixed, don’t forget to notify your customers!

2. Perform Root Causes Analyses to Identify Reasons for Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Them

Identifying the strengths is equally important as identifying the weaknesses of your business. They make your brand more competitive and strong against your rivals. More importantly, your strengths help you understand the reasons for customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. You can improve them further to provide even a better customer experience. 

When it comes to assessing the areas where your brand is performing well or touchpoints that reinforce the customer-brand relationship, your own perceptions are not sufficient. You need to hear them from the customers who are actually using and benefitting from your business.

So, utilize feedback to figure out what makes your customers satisfied and delighted! Again surveys, reviews, social media engagements can help you determine aspects that persuade customers to do business with you. 

Once you have figured out what compels clients to take the next step in their journey, you can repeat them. Emphasize touchpoints that work well for your brand and strengthen them further. It can help your business retain existing clients as well as attract new ones. 

3. Set Up Automated Notifications to Rectify Issues Promptly

There’s nothing more frustrating than an irresponsive brand. As a business, if you take ages to respond to feedback, your customers will end up dissatisfied. It will strain the relationship brand can build with their clients for a long period.

One of the best ways to improve customer experience through feedback is by setting automated notifications. They give customers the opportunity to provide feedback and get any issues fixed instantly. When customers encounter a pain point or are dissatisfied with your product, they can report the specific issue directly to the customer support team. Then, it will be given immediate attention and directed to the relevant team or department to be fixed promptly. 

This way, action points are identified automatically and resolve quickly, improving customer satisfaction. It also reduces the bulk you have to handle at once. 


If you want to optimize the use of customer feedback and enhance the performance of your business, our recommendation is to utilize a reliable platform like Feedbackly to automate the whole process of managing feedback efficiently. With Feedbackly and its useful features, analyzing and utilizing customer feedback is simple and convenient!

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