As you may know, Feedbackly’s survey editor allows you to create an ‘upsell’ question type which is mainly used to collect customer emails for the purpose of sending automated upsell offers directly to them on a later date. This tool is immensely powerful because you are able to configure these emails to be triggered in response to the positive or negative feedback that a customer leaves. The reason why this system works so well is because the percentage of customers who are willing to leave their emails in a Feedbackly survey is very high, around 40%. Why is this percentage so high? The answer is simply because we offer them an incentive to do so.

When you ask your customers for their email in a survey, this is what they see:

So as you can see, the chance to win a brand new iPhone is the main driver of conversion here. While many companies use tactics like this just to boost conversion and create an artificial sense of hope, at Feedbackly, we are people of our word. So we would like to share this quarter’s iPhone winner! Sari Maunola from Vantaa, Finland. Sari left her email address in a Feedbackly Kiosk in Finlayson on June 22nd. We had the pleasure of contacting Sari to tell her the good news this week.

Congrats Sari!

Jaakko Männistö

Jaakko is an award-winning CX professional and entrepreneur at Feedbackly, founder and community professional at the biggest entrepreneurial digital community in Finland – Yrittäjä.io. He is a notorious keynote speaker from entrepreneurial stories to day to day human communications and customer experiences.

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