A Robot At The Doctors Office?

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Feedbackly and the City of Helsinki have teamed up to bring the next generation of customer experience services to the Finnish healthcare system. The city’s brand new, state of the art Health and Well-Being center in Kalasatama, Helsinki is the first site to integrate Feedbackly’s customer feedback software into Softbank Robotics’ flagship humanoid robot, Pepper.

Pepper Robot Kalasatama Feedbackly

Utilizing Pepper’s user-friendly iPad interface, Feedbackly is now successfully gathering feedback from customers at Helsinki’s newest healthcare center.

There are numerous benefits to integrating Feedbackly’s customer feedback software into Pepper’s operating system (besides the fact that our teenage-selves would be so excited to see a humanoid robot in action). One clear benefit is the curiosity factor, which has always played a strong role in attracting people to new tech, and Pepper is no different. During the time we spent at the Kalastama Health an Well-Being Center, almost everyone who walked by stopped to look, take a picture and interact with Pepper. The more attention you can draw to your feedback collection point, the more feedback you are likely to receive.

Pepper Robot Helsinki Feedbackly Kalasatama 1

The parallels between Pepper’s capabilities and Feedbackly’s main customer experience goals are also quite striking. As Softbank Robotics puts it on their website, Pepper is “a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is his ability to perceive emotions”. How does that connect to Feedbackly? Well Feedbackly essentially enables companies to gauge customer emotions and to learn how these customers feel about a product/service so that companies can make empathetic changes to best suits their customers’ needs.

Depending on the type of feedback that customers give to Pepper (positive, negative or indifferent), they receive an empathetic response to let them know that their opinion has been heard and that their feedback is appreciated. All too often companies forget to acknowledge their customers for giving feedback, but Feedbackly is always on the lookout for new ways to help customers feel like they are making a difference.

Feedbackly Pepper Robot Kalasatama

This type of innovative collaboration with the City of Helsinki is a clear indication of what is yet to come from Feedbackly and the customer experience industry in general. With technology continuously improving, even something as futuristic as a robot in a doctors office is now a reality.

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