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Every business is different. We know it and this is why you have a unique chance to meet with CXforum’s CX experts Jaakko Männistö and Pasi Brusi.

Meeting topics:

  • How to get started with your CX program

  • What could be the next best steps in your CX strategy

  • How to turn your customer feedback and CX data into measurable sales and growth

Who is Jaakko?

Jaakko Männistö

Jaakko Männistö

Founder & CEO of Feedbackly, Awarded CX Leader

Jaakko is a startup entrepreneur and an internationally awarded CX professional. Jaakko is a founder and CEO of Feedbackly, co-founder of CX Academy and CXforum, and the author of the CX handbook The Journey. He also is one of the developers of the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) measurement framework and a global front-runner in Emotional Experience.

Who is Pasi?

Pasi Futurelab

Pasi Brusi

Senior Consultant at Futurelab Experience 

Pasi is an associate in Futurelab Experience, which is a consultancy specializing in CX strategy development. Before Futurelab, Pasi worked in various sales & marketing, and business management roles, which gave him a good understanding of the role of each organizational function in developing the customer experience.

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What is Feedbackly

Feedbackly is the only CXM solution that measures customers’ emotions

Get all you need to understand the reasons behind your customer behavior, emotions, and find what actually drives your sales – engaging surveys, KPIs from NPS to EVI®, customer journey analytics, root-cause analysis, and more.

Emotional Experience survey (EVI survey and score)

What is Futurelab experience

Partner from extensive customer experience development to single improvements

Whether you need a challenger for managers, single pain point solver or long-term development partner, our experts help assess development needs and choose the best course of action. We believe that customer experience is a way to stand out and succeed.

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