Give Your Employees A Voice With Feedbackly.

Improve your employee experience and motivate your team to make changes that will delight your customers with Feedbackly.

Better customer experiences start with happy employees and in exchange, they stay longer and create happier customers.

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What Do You Get?

You will get this and much more with Feedbackly EX

Evaluate Your Onboarding

Improve your employee onboarding process with a constant stream of feedback

Monitor Your HR Pulse

Get your weekly HR digest sent via email

Instant HR Notifications

Get automatic notifications when HR issues arise

Foster Motivation

When you listen to your employees, you motivate them

Get To Know Your Culture

Most managers can't describe their own company culture - Feedbackly helps you do exactly that

Happier Employees

Above all else, happy employees are productive ones

Automatically Survey Your Team

No matter what tools you use – survey your teams, branchs or business units.

Via Team Collaboration

For companies limiting the use of internal emails – use Slack, Teams or any other internal communication tool with Feedbackly.

Via Email

Easiest and fastest way to reach your employees on weekly basis. One email per week to remind them and quickly answer.

Via Terminal & Mobile

A Terminal in office / production facilities is an easy way to monitor your overall culture and environment.

Analyze With Ease In Real-Time

Your employees are the most important instruments for creating great customer experiences. With powerful Feedbackly analytics, you will always stay on the top of the pulse and see how your investments affect to your bottom line through better customer experiences.

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Suomen Henkilöstötalo

Suomen Henkilöstötalo is a Finnish recruitment agency that offers services to both employers and employees. Since day one with Feedbackly, Suomen Henkilöstötalo has used surveys to collect customer feedback from multiple channels.

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