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What Do You Get?

You will get this and much more with Feedbackly All-in-one feedback tool

Know your Customer

Improve your employee onboarding process with a constant stream of feedback

Monitor feedback in real time

Get your weekly digest sent via email and monitor your customer experience from the dashboard

Instant Notifications

Get automatic notifications when issues arise from feedback!

Sales leads

When you listen to your customers they are also motivated to buy more! Collect their contact information to sell more!


Feedbackly helps you to create more advocates and automatically send people who give feedback also give reviews!

Happier Customers

Above all else, happy customers buy more and come back more often!

Analyze With Ease In Real-Time

Customers are the most important instruments for creating great value. With powerful Feedbackly analytics, you will always stay on the top of the pulse and see how your investments affect your bottom line through better customer experiences.

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