Product & Features

The worlds only customer experience and survey tool that turns CX into direct sales.

Multiple Engage Points

Measure customer experience in all of your customer touch points online and offline with just one solution.

Offline Feedback Collection

Kiosk Device
Visual Stickers with Links & QR-codes
Product Packaging
Point of Sale (POS) System
Clothing Tags & Labels

Online Feedback Collection

During Visit Plugin
After Purchase Widget
Embedded E-mails
Traditional Webforms
SMS Feedback
Online Links
In-App Solution
Integrated to Payment Process

Upsell, Instant Mobile Alerts and Analytics

See real-time analytics, manage your up-sell options and create instant mobile alerts in our modern dashboard.

Instant Mobile Alerts

You can let the automated software do the surveying, collection and alerts for you. Night and day. With Instant Mobile Alerts you can fix problems immediately.

Automated Upsell

Trigger automated upsell based on negative or positive feedback and sell more for your customers in all channels.

Feedbackly Competition

We have an iPhone competition sponsored for you in order to collect unbiased data from all customer groups and increase the amount of feedback collected. 

Managing Surveys

Easy-to-use survey creation

Compose surveys in a smart editor, preview and test surveys before sending them out and distribute with ease and automatically in all channels.

User Management

The perfect fit for all companies with modern organization and user management. Simple enough for small shops - smart enough for large enterprises.

API and Exports

Integrate to multiple different systems or use import & export tools to enhance data. Our API allows you to collect feedback inside other application easily.

The world's best customer feedback management tool

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