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  • Customized feature-set
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  • Unlimited surveys and data sources
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  • Customized feature-set
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited surveys and data sources
  • Unlimited feedback
  • Employee experience package
  • Advanced analytics
  • Phone + email + chat support
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Your own CX Success Program
  • CX certification, training & monthly sessions
  • AI & text analytics
  • Enterprise-level user management
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What is counted as one “response”?

One response is counted when an individual answers one or more questions in a live survey. In

other words, one response can contain the data of many individual questions – depending on how many questions you have included in a given survey.

Where can I see the pricing?

To get a price quote, contact us here. You’ll be able to talk to a real human who will help you build the best package to reach your goals.

What if I go over my feedback limit?

All of your data will be recorded. You will have restricted access to the data that exceeds your subscription limit. To access this data, you will need to upgrade your account by contacting us through the live chat inside your Feedbackly dashboard.

Can I customize the surveys?

Yes. You can add an account-wide company logo and/or a custom logo on each individual distribution channel. This means that you can show a different logo on your iPad kiosk channel than on your website channel, for instance.

You can also customize the background and font colours of your surveys to abide by your company’s branding regulations.

Where can I publish my surveys?

Feedbackly surveys can be distributed via email, SMS, in-app (mobile), Slack, Social Media, a native pop-up window on your website, iPads, tablets, and more.

We have designed Feedbackly’s ecosystem to be as robust as possible to allow virtually any type of survey distribution strategy.

Why do you have plans, but no prices?

Our plans serve as a baseline for our sales team to build the right package for your needs. Our Basic plan includes the minimum required tools for marketing, CX, and HR managers. Our Standard plan includes customer journey mapping and a more advanced analytics package. And Our Advanced package is for large corporations who are looking for an all-in-one CX solution with a dedicated customer support line.

Each package can be selected and features can be added as needed. Contact our sales team for more information.


Do I need to buy hardware for the kiosk myself?

You have the option to either lease the Feedbackly kiosk at a competitive rate or provide your own iPad, download the free Feedbackly app, and set up your own kiosk.

Are there any extra fees?

You only pay the price that is quoted to you in the beginning. There is never any hidden fees. If you wish to expand the features of your package, Feedbackly is fully scalable.

If you are sending SMS surveys, you will need to purchase additional SMS credit. This is simply to cover the cost of the SMS service provider.

Can I integrate Feedbackly with other services?

Yes you can! Feedbackly offers the widest integration network in the market. Ask more about integrations when you speak with one of our CX experts.

How many surveys I can publish?

Unlimited. No matter what subscription plan you have, you can publish as many surveys as you’d like – even during the 14-day trial period!

Is Feedbackly GDPR compliant?

Yes, privacy and security is our top priority at Feedbackly. We are proud to say that Feedbackly is fully GDPR. For more information, you can see our dedicated GDPR information page here.

Which KPI’s can I measure with Feedbackly?

We’re glad you asked! Feedbackly is the most powerful feedback analytics tool on the market – with the capability to automatically track 20 different KPIs. From the most important ones such NPS® (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) to Customer Retention Rate and First Response Time. Select from a variety of question types (smileys, multiple choice, open question, form, etc) and the Feedbackly analytics will convert all data into easy to understand, visual data.

What kind of automation tools are included in Feedbackly?

You can create automated survey notifications – triggered by custom AND/OR rules. This means that when a survey response meets a certain criteria (i.e: Includes a red smiley OR orange smiley), an email will be sent to someone on your team to take action immediately.

The Feedback Inbox is a great feature that consolidates all of your survey responses by the name of the respondent, location, etc. Within your Feedback Inbox, you can send email or messages directly to the respondent in a chat-style window. You can also flag issues, assign them internally, or mark them as resolved.

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