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Our ideology is that when our partners do well, we do too. Our unique partner program allows our partners to grow and share the revenue. This means that we invest in you by providing leads, integrations and easy of use through ready made industry packages and training. Start driving revenues in the matter of days!

Extensive Training

Become a Feedbackly expert by obtaining free access to our learning management system and training specialists – if you have any problem at all, we are there for you to guarantee a smooth start.

Branding & Marketing

Gain access to the well-known Feedbackly brand name and marketing aid. We do global marketing and pass the leads to our local partners – therefore you will sell more. For our premium partners we even open doors for you to the biggest companies in various industries.

Assisted Selling

We want you to have a long-lasting relationship with a Feedbackly representative who will help you sell, price and demonstrate our products every step of the way. We also bring new sales in as it is a win-win for us.

Customer Onboarding & Support

Depending on your partner level, Feedbackly offers wide help to you with all your problems. For each and every one of our partners’ customers we also offer complimentary onboarding session if needed and free access to our support team for our own partners.

No Tech Resources Required

To start a partnership with Feedbackly, you don’t need any tech skills or department. Feedbackly works as stand alone software product and after the kick off, we create a plan based on our customer and partner needs.

Value for the customer

The world is full of survey tools but with Feedbackly you will stand out. With our value proposition the value is super easy to show to your customer as it is simple and transparent. You will be always able to calculate and show the value because of our globally unique upsell features.

What is Feedbackly?



“I have a marketing agency in Mexico City and it was super easy to get started with Feedbackly´s reseller program. I started selling to my current clients and in just two months Feedbackly has become one of the best selling products and services we have”

– Niklas Vaittinen, CEO @ Into Consulting


Grow with us

Whether you are an independent consultant or a bigger marketing agency, you can offer our industry specific solutions to your customers.

We are especially looking for companies working with customer experiences, customer journeys and research but we welcome every partner to our networks as customer experience is important for every industry!

Our partners are leaders in their industries. Whether you are big or small, get in touch and let’s see how you can start driving more revenues with Feedbackly. We are here to help and we want to invest in you so that also you can build sustainable growth!

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Generate affiliate leads

Are you a blogger? Do you own a high traffic website? Do you want to offer an extra service to your clients but don’t want to resell?

Generate leads, earn commission and get the most out of your website and business by promoting one of the fastest growing customer experience company in Europe.

Software integration partners

Our integrated partners offer unique services that seamlessly integrate with Feedbackly, allowing our customers to run their business at full capacity.

If you offer a software service that would benefit from a Feedbackly integration, get in touch and we can build the future of CX together.

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