Significant increase in customer satisfaction and sales.

Company background

Innovasport is a market leader in sports retail chain focused on satisfying its customers with the greatest and widest and diversity of sports products. It has established itself as one of the consumers’ favourite sports store chains in Mexico.

Main challenges

Over the last two decades, companies have had to adapt quickly to the rise of online shopping. In order to maintain high-level customer experience online and offline, businesses have needed to move from one channel CX measurement to omni-channel. Similarly to other market leaders, also Innovasport struggled to maintain high-level customer experience across all their channels.

In order to improve customer experience in all channels significantly, they needed a tool which could measure and map all the touchpoints along their customer journey, and the help of experts who could make the gathered data actionable. Furthermore, they needed trustworthy KPIs which could help them follow their progress in customer experience regularly.

Why Feedbackly?

Innovasport chose Feedbackly, because it is more than just a tool – they got also CX experts that mapped customer journey together with them and help them read the data gathered regularly.

Additionally, they have now an all-in-one omni-channel feedback tool and KPIs that they can trust.


  • Customer satisfaction increased 28% in 6 months.
  • Increased average number of purchased items.
  • Increased average budget size.

As a result, with the help of Feedbackly, Innovasport had recognizable boost in sales.

Feedbackly has helped them forget assumptions about their own customers and given them real actionable data about each step of their customer journey, allowing them to make significant improvements in online store and in general company procedures.

Today, Innovasport collects data along complete customer journey and has evolved to the next level omni-channel CX company that with ease makes improvements that have an effect. Also, according to the board of directors of Innovasport, the CX KPIs are now one of the main indicators in their decision making processes.


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