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We know things are a little weird right now, and that business isn’t business as usual. That’s why we have put together a six-month complimentary Remote Support Bundle to help your team keep up with changing customer demand due to COVID-19.

The Remote Support Bundle is accessible with a subscription to the Pro or Enterprise versions of Zendesk’s Support or Support Suite plans and provides tools to help you:

Our friends at Slack are offering 25% off of eligible upgrades to paid plans. Learn more.

How does it work?


1. You receive a public survey link in your email inbox after submitting the form below.

2. You will distribute this survey link to your meeting participants.

3. When they fill in the survey, use your public analytics dashboard link to see the data visualization in real-time (no login required).

4. Repeat. There are 2 versions of the survey for both internal meetings and sales meetings. You can use one or both!