How can you turn your customer feedback into more sales?

Glad you asked! With Feedbackly, you’ll be able to gather customer feedback and analyze your customers’ journey – all from one tool. Know why they came back and, more importantly, why they left.


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Analyze and Learn. Simultaneously

In-store solutions

Collect feedback in your store with beautiful terminals.

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Web solutions

Collect feedback online via email, embedded widgets etc.

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CX Academy

Get free access to CX Academy and become a CX expert.

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The Feedbackly Workflow


1. COLLECT Customer Feedback

Automatically collect the data throughout the entire customer journey – simultaneously on any touchpoint:

  • Website widget
  • SMS & email
  • Kiosk at retail store
  • + a dozen more touchpoints

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Multichannel feedback collection

Data and graphs that change in real time


2. ANALYZE Experience Data in Real-Time

Industry-leading analytics enables deep dives into current trends and customer sentiment analysis. Everything in real-time and current!

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3. BUILD Customer Journeys with Ease

Use industry standard customer journey templates to track your customer experience from Awareness to Loyalty

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Build and analyse full customer journey

Get real-time notifications and take action quickly



4. Take ACTION At Scale

Notify teams when you receive negative feedback so you can fix problems immediately and react to new leads instantly.

Use And/Or functions to take full control over your feedback and automate new sales from feedback.

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It's more than just a tool

With Feedbackly, in addition to a world-class CX tool, you have also access to personal consultation and all the training material that you need to create a winning CX strategy. That’s why our customers like us. Would you like to know more about it?

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Built by CX Experts – but made for anyone!


You don’t have to be a CX expert to build a winning CX strategy with Feedbackly. And with our CX Academy, you can become an expert in no time!

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  • Survey creation
  • Full analytics suite
  • Touchpoint management
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  • Visual Survey Customization
  • Multi-Language Surveys
  • Data Export
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  • Advanced Analytics Suite
  • User Rights Management
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“Feedbackly has helped us to detect any problem related with the check out process. Now we can react immediately.”


Alejandro Dominguez, eCommerce Analyst @ Chedraui



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Free Customer Journey Map Template

Free Customer Journey Map Template

Enter customer activity, goals, touchpoints, feedback, etc. for each step of the customer journey and get a big picture of your overall customer experience performance.