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Get 7% more leads with automated reactions to the right signals at the right time in the right place

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Over 200+ brands trust us

Why winners choose Feedbackly

We’re CX experts passionate to help you increase your sales. We helped over 200+ brands worldwide generate 1000s of leads and gain a 20x ROI.

Feedbackly can increase your leads 7% by helping you…

  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment on the spot
  • Retarget your customers through email
  • Make it easier for customers to buy

Feedbackly is proven to work with many of the world’s most popular eCom sites

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Get to know your customer… in real time.

With Feedbackly’s Customer Journey Builder, you can identify bottlenecks and problem areas in your customer journeys and track your performance in real-time.

This makes it easy to see why and where you are losing potential leads so you can make the updates that will boost your sales funnel.

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Does your eCom business convert leads as well as other top ranked ecom businesses? Could you increase your revenue with a few simple changes? Take our quiz to learn where you rank compared to other ecom companies in your industry and what you can do to attract 7% more leads and retain 25% more customers.

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Make it easy for your customer to convert

By using Feedbackly, you can set up automated feedback surveys during pre-and post-purchase to give you insights into any issues your customer is facing. Then, take the action needed to close the feedback loop.

The result? Decreased shopping cart abandonment rates, more leads, and boosted sales. Contact us now to learn more.

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Always open, always selling

Your customers don’t care about office hours. Neither should you…

Connect your CRM to Feedbackly through our API and provide your sales teams with the insights and automated notifications they need to always be there for your customers.

Put your data to work automatically

Feedbackly integrates with all your favourite systems, and makes it is easy to automatically sell more to customers with special offers and discounts.

For example, a happy customer has sent positive feedback? Take advantage of the positive sentiment to send them an automated email offer. Best of all, this is all done automatically and in real time.

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What we’re capable of

By using our systems, our eCommerce customers have been able to gain up to:

  • +7% more attracted customers
  • +28% increase in revenue
  • +10% on average basket size


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