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Get 7% more leads with automated reactions to the right signals at the right time in the right place

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Why winners choose Feedbackly

We’re CX experts passionate to help you increase your sales. We helped over 200+ brands worldwide generate 1000s of leads and gain a 20x ROI.

Reach your sales goals

Increase your sales conversions by collecting data and feedback from your whole customer journey

  • Identify problems with your website design.
  • See why and where you’re losing potential leads
  • Empasize the things your customers love
  • Make updates that matter and boost your sales funnel

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Does your eCom business convert leads as well as other top ranked ecom businesses? Could you increase your revenue with a few simple changes? Take our quiz to learn where you rank compared to other ecom companies in your industry and what you can do to attract 7% more leads and retain 28% more customers.

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Reduce abandoned shopping carts

Collect valuable feedback from both pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. Identify key issues with your check-out process and decrease your shopping cart abandonment rates by making impactful changes in the right places. Contact us to learn more

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Conversions Don't Just Happen

Stop selling when you want to sell — Do it when your leads want to buy

With Feedbackly, you can easily listen to your lead signals at the right time in the right place:
Convert visitors into leads — Understand their needs — Get notifications when they’re ready to buy.

Never Sleep on Hot Leads

Generate Hot Leads

Generate Hot Leads

Attract more customers by listening in the right places at the right time. Get notified when someone wants to buy.

Convert Hot Leads Into Customers

Convert Hot Leads Into Customers

Connect with your CRM through our API. Help your sales convert hot leads into paying customers by automatically providing them with more valuable data about your leads.

Track, Analyze, & Improve

Track, Analyze, & Improve

Learn who buys, who churns, who browses, who leaves, and why.

Understand your customers’ needs and use it for continuous improvement on your customer journey.

What we’re capable of

By using our systems, our eCommerce customers have been able to gain up to:

  • +7% more attracted customers
  • +28% increase in revenue
  • +10% on average basket size

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