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Manage your CX with peace of mind

In Banking and Insurance, a strong CX program is the competitive edge that delivers peace of mind. Our team of CX Professionals will help you measure and evaluate KPIs that count, and identify action points that have an impact on growth and churn.

We’re more than just software.

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CX Differentiation is the new competitive edge

Financial institutions can differentiate themselves from their competition with a customer-centric strategy built by the entire organization, that delivers the best customer experience .

Day-to-day real-time success requires: actively listening to your customers, continuously measuring their experiences, implementing changes based on real-time data, and automating the use of that data to benefit your customer.


Happiness. Growth. Peace of Mind.


With Feedbackly, you can focus on what matters most and make improvements that have an impact.

Real-time analytics

Solve problems in real-time

All customer feedback that’s collected can be enriched with your data from CRM and analyzed in real-time from our industry-leading dashboard. Thanks to our automated notifications, you can also track and resolve customers’ complaints instantly when problems arise.

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Turn detractors into promoters

Collect feedback from any physical or digital channel and analyze it at the branch or organisational level. We help you make the improvements that can minimize the impact of negative feedback that can damage a business’ reputation, slow sales and cause churn.

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Multichannel feedback collection

Omnichannel CX program

Our CX Professionals will help you build an omnichannel CX program that coordinates physical and digital touchpoints across the entire customer journey (email surveys, website widgets, mobile, sms, standalone terminals). You’ll gain access to battle-tested CX software trusted by industry leaders around the world.

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Stay on top of your customers' experience

With Feedbackly, you will have complete peace of mind with an enterprise-grade platform and services that offer best-in-class security, compliance, and manageability, and the latest knowledge.

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The full Customer Experience Suite


We help you to design your CX program, set CX processes, goals, and KPIs through our CX platform, our CX guiding and consulting services, and our CX online training – to make sure you are never alone.

CX & EX programs

We help you to design your CX program, set CX processes, goals, and KPIs so that you can be successful.

Consultation and guidance

Learn best practices and receive custom training from experts in your industry. We provide in-depth guidance to both technical and business users from planning to execution.

CX platform & Tools

Get up and running in as little as 10 minutes and have gain access to the tools to begin automatically collecting feedback to turn data into insight in real-time.

Training on CX Best Practices

Learn how to implement CX across the entire organisation with the latest trends and tactics for Financial Institutions. And our online education platform can get you started today. 

Your CX process planned for you

1. Plan & launch

We plan your CX program with you and set goals so that they support your overall business goals. We start with CX maturity analysis and set a timeline.

2. Listen & automate

Data won’t collect itself – so, let’s work together. We automate data collection with you and help with all stakeholder communication.

3. Learn & develop

When data is collected, we help you automatically turn feedback data into growth via leads, reviews and continuous improvement.

4. Adjust & iterate

Building a strong CX program is a work in progress. That’s why we provide the tools to help along the way. As your CX program develops, your customers will be happier, stay loyal, and you’ll have peace of mind!

“Feedbackly has great flexibility to interact with customers through multiple channels. This is helpful to reach customers in different touchpoints of the service, anytime/anywhere – in real-time.”


Jaime Paredes, CRM Analyst @ GNP

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With Feedbackly, you will have complete peace of mind with an enterprise-grade platform and services that offer best-in-class security, compliance, and manageability, and the latest knowledge.

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Now you can make CX improvements that have an impact that you can measure


See the power of the Feedbackly software.

BE CLOSE to your customers throughout the entire customer journey

Stop assuming what your customers like or don’t like. Set up surveys in any touchpoint online or offline and understand how your customers are really doing.

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Multichannel feedback collection
Data and graphs that change in real time


UNDERSTAND your customers’ needs

Industry-leading analytics enables deep dives into customer behaviour analysis. Our CX experts will help you read the data and plan the actions that improve your sales.

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MONITOR CX together with our experts

Follow how your customers are doing from custom dashboards yourself or let our experts help you read it and plan action points for improvements.

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Build and analyse full customer journey

Analyze and Learn. Simultaneously

Real-time dashboard

Know how your customers are doing at every step in customer journey and take action real-time.

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Automated measurement

Collect and analyze feedback gathered from all of your online and offline channels in one place. Automatically.

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AI-powered analytics

Artifical intelligence helps you analyze even text answers with a blink of an eye.

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Enterprise level customer care

We care about how you are doing. In addition to a trusted CX tool, with Feedbackly, you will have a personal CX expert who helps you understand the current status of customer experience in your company, set up customer journeys and KPIs that match with your needs and monitor how you are doing regularly.

All that — plus our detailed help documentation, educational resources, and training programs — means you’ll never feel left out in the cold.

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We work with the leaders in financial services

Feedbackly works – just ask our customers


Thanks to Feedbackly, they have been able to set more realistic and segmented KPIs, monitor exactly how their customer experience is progressing across all channels, and take action when it is needed the most.

Feedbackly has a multichannel approach to gathering customer feedback and allows its users to analyze data throughout the entire customer journey from one easy dashboard.

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GNP Seguros

GNP increased their response rates by an average of 20% and gathered feedback that help managers make meaningful changes in their processes. They decided that Feedbackly’s multichannel customer survey solution would be the best fit for their needs and would help to develop the industry-leading customer experience.

With customer experience placed firmly at the center of GNP decision making, employee confidence in customer feedback has risen and process development decisions are now more accurate and retain higher levels of ROI.

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