Never Ruin Another Product Launch Again

Boost Sales in FMGC with Customer Experience by knowing exactly what your end customer thinks. No more paying to the retailers for nothing.


Get closer to your customer

In todays world, when technology is evolving so rapidly, the experience you offer to your customer is the only way to create a sustainable competitive edge. Ensuring a high-quality customer experience is a great way to pump up your sales. But the problem for most FMGC manufacturers is to get close to the customer and communicate and sell directly to them. This is where Feedbackly comes in - we help you to do all that with a one simple software.

Listen to your customer

Learn what your customers are thinking about your brand through direct feedback and build your own marketing database to promote your products.

For the first time you know what your customers think of your products and you can act on the information. 

This means that you can forget ruined product launches as you can develop your product and marketing instantly and you don´t have to rely only to the retailers anymore. 

Solutions: Visual package links & QR-codes, Mobile feedback



Cut Middle-Men and Increase Sales

We found out that without 'paying' for a feedback, CX data were mostly coming from angry or very happy customers.

For this reason, we 'pay' for the feedback with our prize draw to cover more customer groups. Therefore, our CX data are less unbiased to make correct decisions.

Email address, product information and feedback type of every given feedback will be collected into a marketing database. This way you will have super accurate database of your customers to segment them into specific campaigns.

And you don´t have to worry about the iPhone or the prize, we got that covered for you. An iPhone is drawn every month so that your customers will have motivation to give you feedback.

Everything you need to scale sales with CX

We know that the companies that create the best CX will thrive

We ensure that our customers have the most reliable and intuitive feedback management and analytics solution for all channels. You will always know what your customers think and you can create more sales with our unique features -  you will love working with us.

Simple measurement

Only thing to do for our FMGC clients have our feedback request visible in packaging or labels of their goods. This could mean visual links or QR -codes attached to the packaging.

Your customers only need to use web browser on their mobile phone to give a feedback – no need to download or install or send anything. Simple as that.

After this process starts and on top of everything they are asked to provide their email for the competition and share their reviews on social media if they were positive!

Mobile event nps


Advanced Analytics

Collecting feedback would not have any value if the analytics and interpretations are off. We have worked countless of hours and with hundreds of customers to create the most powerful dashboard for your needs.

With our dashboard you can easily get a glance of your trends or dig more deep to get actionable insights.

You are also able to see in real-time how each location, department and employee are taking care your customers. You cannot have a good CX if your employees do not care about it!

The world's best customer feedback management tool

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