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Gather high volume feedback with the industry leading feedback kiosk and sell more through automated upsell.

Feedback Kiosk

The Feedbackly Feedback kiosk is the easiest and most efficient way of collecting feedback and valuable information from your brick & mortar, restaurant, fairs or service business. Beautifully designed just for you which makes sure that your look and feel as well as customer experience stays high class. Simple, beautiful and efficient.


With our easy-to-use tablet-based feedback kiosk, the amount of feedback remains high, while you will be able to collect deeper knowledge of the needs of your customers. Motivate your employees and generate more sales through better customer satisfaction.


Because of its beautiful design, the feedback kiosk is easy to place in any customer service environment. The layout of the system is tailor made to your needs and wishes.


Our software is intuitive and easy to use. It is a cloud-based application and does not require server space or special requirements from your computer. Managing and editing the surveys is simply done through your own management view. You can view and analyze the data from anywhere, and anytime, through your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Readymade Solution

We always deliver our services as ready-to-use solutions! The services are tailored to each customer's needs and wishes. Setting up is quick and easy and we also take care of all service and maintenance, so you can fully concentrate on developing your business.

Improve your business


Management tool

Follow, motivate and reward your employees through active measuring. Enhance the company's own culture, and prevent bad practices from occurring in advance. You will be able to monitor the implementation of real-time service commitment. You have a modern Balanced Score Card in your hands!

Better service

Committed customers

Your customers appreciate the opportunity to easily give feedback. Commitment grows, when you show your customers that their opinions are important. Customer satisfaction remains high even after a poor service experience. Are you ready to commit to better customer service?


Business development

Real-time feedback allows you to react on specific situations quickly, and develop whole new processes that will respond to clients' needs in the best possible way. Satisfied customers will recommend your services and your products to others. You will increase your customer loyalty and increase your sales!

The amount of feedback is phenomenal compared to anything else. With Feedbackly, we can get hundreds of customers telling us how to improve every day. We can compare the differences between our stores with ease and get the best practices from all of them to our whole chain. We use this information to make decisions about our business every day. I also believe that the service enhances our brand as a customer oriented company.

Joacim Hallberg

Marketing Coordinator, Tiger Stores
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Push your sales up with intelligent upsales proposals

Why would you improve the customer experience in the first place if it did not push your sales up? Now you can push your sales up easily with our upsales and marketing tool. We offer a price draw to all our customers so that the volume of the feedback stays hi.

After this your customers simply gives feedback and leave their contact information. We send them a thank you note with an upsell offer based on the data they provided. With this process you can push your additional sales up more than 50%!

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