Software to help you build your customer journeys and put them at the center of your CX strategy

A simple but powerful tool that has everything you need to automatically turn feedback into sustainable sales growth.

Collect data and actually understand it with powerful analytics. Turn that insight into action throughout your entire customer journey – online and offline.


Multichannel distribution

Online, in-store, email, SMS, QR code, survey link – publish your Feedbackly surveys anywhere and everywhere.

Visual customization

Strict company branding requirements? Add your company logo and colors so customers know who they’re talking to.

Question Logic

Create surveys that react and adapt to customer responses in real-time. Segment your respondents and dive-deeper into any possible service issues.

Survey notifications

Create automated survey notifications – triggered by custom AND/OR rules. Never let a customer slip through the cracks.

Feedback Inbox

WOW your customers with instant outreach. Send coupons and promotions to create loyal customers and win back unhappy ones.

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Additional features

All subscriptions also include these features:

Visual analytics

Analytics dashboards you can actually understand

Intuitive survey editor

Publish a survey in less than 5 minutes

Multi-user accounts

Grant limited or admin-level account access

Data export

The freedom to export and move your data


Feedbackly plays well with the most popular platforms

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