A customer analytics tool that brings the management of customer information to one place.

All of the features are designed so that your life would be easier and you save time and money. All the features are build from the request of our customers and as we start working together you will also have the possibility to impact future features.

Easy setup

No need for any technical understanding. Instantly ready to use with one-minute signup and no credit card needed.

Remote management

Surveys are published and changed remotely over the internet without visiting the locations so you can work worldwide from anywhere you choose. Displaying offline content is also possible when a connection is not available. We also provide remote support on all issues so no personnel is required for technical support tasks.

Powerful and intuitive survey creation

Compose surveys in a smart editor and preview test surveys before sending them out. Distributing your surveys in all of your channels is just one click away. Read more

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Automated scheduling

Automated scheduling

Connect your CRM, eCommerce or email platform to trigger surveys automatically at specific intervals or after a customer buys or contacts your support team. Save time and money when everything is automated.

Have all your data from all channels in one place

Regardless of the channel, all data ends up in one place in the same form and you will have only one management tool for your feedback and data.

Easy export and powerful API

Export your data in various forms e.g. PDF, CSV, Excel or use our powerful API and REST to get data to your own dashboards and business intelligence environments.

Diverse question types

From scales to multiple choice, NPS, Customer effort score and forms, we have it all for you to ask what you need to know.

Get notified of your devices and status

Set up notifications to find out when your feedback device is disconnected: never lose a single customer feedback! With our remote control of the device, you can easily reboot the program and make sure that the device and the software are working all the time.

Real-time analytics dashboard

Track your KPI’s such as Satisfaction score, NPS and many others with our built-in features or Real Time Reporting and motivate everyone with online dashboards, instant alerts and weekly email reports. Automatically post scores and data to Salesforce, Slack, or KPI dashboards like Klipfolio or Geckoboard.

Free rewards

Set easy rewards and perks for your customers. You can opt-in to provide your customers with perks and offers from our partners as a reward for giving feedback to boost up the conversion rates.

Start today

get all you need with one monthly fee. No response-based fees, unlimited users and pay only based on the amount of feedback sources.

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Other features

Diverse question types

From scales to multiple choice, NPS, Customer effort score and forms, we have it all for you to ask what you need to know.

Smart Question Logic

Adapt and change your survey progression based on a respondent's answers, demographics or location.

Themes & Branding

Design from scratch, or simply add your company logo to one of our stunning premade templates.


See which units in your organization are winning and the ones that need some help with ranking, comparing and setting new goals for them.

Text Response Analysis

Find out trends and easily analyze all your qualitative data and set up alerts for those negative responses that requires action.

Automatic Reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports of survey data automatically in your inbox or use our fully automatic analytics dashboard.

In-app Integration

Integrate Feedbackly surveys directly into your own application using our API or integrate it straight into your software with our SDK. Ask for more information!

Social Sharing

Easily share surveys with optimized user interface to social media without leaving Feedbackly.

Social Marketing

Let everyone know that you are doing a great job and share your results and testimonials through your website and social media.

Multi-user management

Manage your users & teams, and keep track of all their activity with our enterprise level multi-user management.

Export with one click

Get your data in CSV, Excel and PDF for easy sharing and third-party importation.

Industry leading UI

Our data collection user interface is optimized for all channels differently and works cross platform so you do not have to worry about anything.

Get started

It’s better to start now to find out how you could improve your customer experience. It’s free.