Boost Sales in your Events & Offline Locations

Increase sales based on your customer feedback via instant mobile alerts and upsell offers.


Sell More for Your Customers

High Volume Events

Make your event visitors come back and sell them additional services during and after your event and build own marketing database separate from ticket sellers and get closer to your customers.

You can easily implement Feedbackly to your event management software or use it as stand alone service. Automate emails or SMS to your event visitors and ensure that they are having the best event possible.

In addition you can offer them additional services in the event through the feedback channel. A suitable offer is sent to them according to the customer experience data they provide you. With Feedbackly you can sell more than 20% more during the event!

Solution: SMS Feedback, Multi-use Stickers, Kiosk Device



Offline Locations

Collect customer experience data and online marketing database of your offline locations visitors like they would be online.

We make that happen and instant upsell possible with our offline customer experience survey offering the latest iPhone on our monthly prize draw.

You don´t need to worry about the prizes either because they are included in our service worldwide.

In addition to the mobile, you can collect the data automatically with kiosks or stickers. Everything is instant and you build long term commitment with your customer while pushing your own sales up immediately.

Solution: SMS Feedback, Multi-use Stickers, Kiosk Device

Advanced Analytics

Collecting feedback would not have any value if the analytics and interpretations are off. We have worked countless of hours and with hundreds of customers to create the most powerful dashboard for your needs.

With our dashboard you can easily get a glance of your trends or dig more deep to get actionable insights.

You are also able to see in real-time how each location, department and employee are taking care your customers. You cannot have a good CX if your employees do not care about it!

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