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With Feedbackly, the #1 Customer Experience tool for multi-channel businesses, you’ll be able to gather customer feedback and analyze your customers’ journey – all from one platform. Request a demo and our CX specialist will show you how the platform works.

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Feedbackly is the only CX software in the world that helps you measure human emotions

Our powerful customer experience analytics and management tool allows business owners like you to:


   FOLLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Monitor their customer journey throughout every CX touchpoint online or offline

   COLLECT FEEDBACK AUTOMATICALLY – Place customized, non-disruptive surveys at strategic checkpoints

   STOP CUSTOMER CHURN IN ITS TRACKS – Be alerted immediately with automated notifications at CX pain points

   BOLSTER CUSTOMER RETENTION & MAXIMIZE ROI – Turn one-time visitors into leads and warm leads into loyal customers

   TRANSFORM GREAT FEEDBACK INTO PROFIT – Enjoy increased customer acquisition thanks to glowing reviews and hard-hitting testimonials from satisfied customers


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Customer journey automation

“With Feedbackly, we have been able to set and monitor new KPIs, take new actions, and improve our service and customer attention at the branch level.”


José Enrique Treviño Cervantes, Innovation Director @ Banregio

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Take a personalized demo with a CX specialist to see exactly how Feedbackly can help you attract and retain more customers.

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