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Company Background

Unisport offers sporting facilities at Finnish university campuses. Over the past few years, Unisport has been using Feedbackly kiosks in all of their 5 locations to collect customer feedback at the point of sale. In addition, they have implemented Feedbackly on their online channels to gain critical insight about their customer experience across the board.

Main reason for using Feedbackly

Unisport’s goal was to gain an understanding of their customer’s behaviour and perception towards their company. They also wanted to be able to handle and implement this customer data in a more efficient manner, utilizing it to improve their everyday operations. For this reason, Feedbackly survey collection tools were combined with our new ​CX Consultation service. Within the scope of these services is included a comprehensive research and analysis of the data which they had collected using the in-store kiosk and online feedback collection tools. The analysis focuses on the different factors affecting a customer’s overall experience interacting with Unisport. The analysis was carried out by our dedicated Feedbackly CX Analysis team, consisting of Professors and customer experience researchers at one of Europe’s top business universities, Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.

Feedbackly CX consultation is a new service that is available to our enterprise customers which includes a full report on your customer feedback, including an action plan for for immediate and long-term improvement. The report includes calculations using cutting edge industry formulas for measuring key customer experience measurement. The results are accompanied by graphs and full explanations in layman’s terms for easy interpretation. All the data can be easily collected using Feedbackly’s customer feedback collection platform, where you can create surveys and manage customer data within a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Key findings of the CX report

1. Managing customer expectations regarding the gym facilities was on the top of the list for main contributing factors to Customer Experience.

2. The variation in customer experience was much larger among customers who visited the gym less frequently. The ability to identify and improve the experience of the “rare-visitors” was found to be the key to turning them into active customers.

3. It was found that the certain locations had better facilities/customer service than others. This provided a great opportunity to standardize practices among all locations to provide a much more consistent experience across all locations.


“The results were extremely precise and were presented in a clear way which gave us a good understanding of what areas we should focus on when improving our service and customer experience.”

Tuuli Makela, Sales & Marketing Director @ Unisport

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