Suomen Henkilöstötalo

Improving employee experience with Feedbackly

Company background

Suomen Henkilöstötalo is a Finnish recruitment agency that offers services to both employers and employees. The company was founded in 2008 and today they operate across Finland with offices in Turku, Helsinki, and Tampere.


The company’s goal was to obtain information from their stakeholders regarding their operational efficiency. Their stakeholders are defined as customers, staff, job seekers, agency workers, and event attendees. They decided to search for a flexible solution that would allow them to collect information across all operating channels – Feedbackly was a clear choice because of the versatility and usability of the software and their professional team of CX professionals.


Since day one with Feedbackly, Suomen Henkilöstötalo has used surveys to collect customer feedback from multiple channels. With the help of Feedbackly, they have created targeted surveys for each of their stakeholders and used different survey distribution methods (website, email, and Feedback Kiosks) to ensure that they have covered all stages of their customer journey. Based on the data collected, Suomen Henkilöstötalo has managed to take action on a number of important customer service issues that may not have otherwise been detected.


“For instance, our health care provider got poor feedback as indicated by a number of results from our surveys. As a result, we decided to change to another health care provider which has been met with a great response from our customers”, says Tommi Larikka, the CEO of Suomen Henkilöstötalo.

Continuous Improvement

Every three months, Suomen Henkilöstötalo and Feedbackly’s CX team go through the feedback collected in the surveys and decide on how to develop the best business actions to take in order to not only resolve any issues (reactive) but also prevent any future issues from arising (proactive). The results of the surveys are also shared in internal meetings to the staff, and also in social media to their customers.

Jaakko Männistö, CEO of Feedbackly shares the sentiment of how important it is to communicate the actions taken based on feedback. “Continuously developing and improving on how things are done is extremely important. We are happy to collaborate with companies like Suomen Henkilöstötalo that understand the importance of listening to the customer and reacting on the feedback. They are a great example of how a customer-centric company operates in every aspect of the business from strategic planning to management and execution!”


“Actions taken based on the feedback are extremely important as the competition is fierce and standards are continuously risen higher and higher. We constantly develop new ways to collect feedback and measure how we do things. This is just the beginning!”

Tommi Larikka, CEO of Suomen Henkilöstötalo

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