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Company Background 

Omena Hotels is a leading Finnish self-service hotel chain, which offers hotels in great locations with affordable prices. The hotel concept focuses on leveraging expertise in digital services as a competitive advantage. The rooms are booked and paid online and the hotels have no reception desk or receptionists; the customers easily access their rooms with the door codes provided in the booking confirmation. Omena Hotels has seven hotels in the centre of Finland’s biggest cities, including Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä and Vaasa, and the company has over 100 000 customers per year.

Omena Hotels And Customer Experience

For Omena Hotels customer experience is a key area of focus as the hotel’s focus is so different from their competitors. However, they faced some challenges in building their customer experience strategy because of their digitally-focused business model. Because customers are not communicating in-person with Omena Hotels employees at any point of the visit, there were issues on pinpointing how to accurately measure CX.

The company realized that they were not getting enough feedback from their customers, and therefore didn’t have data for concrete improvements to identified issues. It was, and continues to be imperative that Omena Hotels ask their customers for feedback in a very simple manner to maximize the volume of responses. This is where Feedbackly comes in.

Since starting with Feedbackly, Omena Hotels have been able to get more reliable customer feedback data. As a result of a clear vision and by keeping their digital service concept in mind, Omena Hotels have been able to build their surveys and content based on their customer’s experiences, and the Feedbackly team has been able to provide best practices and input into the survey building process to ensure that the data is reliable and valid.

Because of our partnership, Omena Hotels can now focus on the specific issues that improve customer experience the most. Using resources efficiently is especially important in a company of few people. This can be done with more confidence when you have a constant stream of customer feedback that you can draw from. With Feedbackly, it is possible to react immediately in response to negative feedback, which gives huge benefits to Omena Hotels.

The key measures for customer satisfaction like CSAT and NPS play a huge role in the Omena Hotels’ overall strategy, and the company has set a goal to both of these KPIs. The current CSAT level is displayed on the company’s website, as Omena Hotels feels it is important to let their visitors know how previous customers feel about their service. Omena Hotels also utilizes their KPIs in other networks and in partner management. For example, Omena Hotels cleaning staff is outsourced and the company measures the cleanliness in the surveys. 

Improvements With Feedbackly

After looking through 2 to 3 different service providers, Omena Hotels decided to choose Feedbackly. One of the main reasons for selecting Feedbackly has been its ease of use, specifically from the customer’s viewpoint. Especially, the way the Feedbackly surveys look to the end-customer, is one of the key reasons for choosing Feedbackly. Reporting is also important for Omena Hotels; the feedback reports generated by Feedbackly meets the company’s requirements in terms of readability and information included. The reports provide real-time insight of the company’s situation and engage all of the employees to work together towards common goals.

Main Benefits

1) Over 40% higher response rate. The amount of incoming feedback has increased, and the company gets a more reliable sample of their customer base. 

2) Being able to collect high quality and comparable data as the metrics are in the form the company desires. 

3) A 6,41% increase in CSAT since starting with Feedbackly.

Cooperation That Sparked New Ideas

Omena Hotels emphasizes Feedbackly’s ability to listen to Omena Hotels’ needs and answer to the company’s requirements from the very start of the cooperation. The company also highlights how promises made have been kept and problems that arose have been solved. According to Omena Hotels, Feedbackly takes customers’ needs into account while always aiming to meet them. And, for example, new updates respond even better to the Omena Hotels’ needs. 

The Omena Hotels employees appreciate the support Feedbackly has provided from the start as the company has got a lot of new ideas for the product usage from the Feedbackly team. Especially regarding survey structure and methods to maximize response rate. Building the survey in a logical way to minimise the drop-off rate has also been one of the things that Omena Hotels has improved since the beginning of the project. 

Future Plans

In the future, Omena Hotels will continue expanding the customer experience data collection throughout their customer journey to additional stages and touchpoints with the help of Feedbackly. The CX data collected is actively used together with operational data from their booking system. This provides understanding as to how customer experience affects their bottom line. Thereby, Omena Hotels is able to achieve their long-term plans and take customer feedback in consideration when planning to open new hotels in other cities as well. In the future, Omena Hotels wants to continue the cooperation with Feedbackly and work closely to set and reach their evolving CX goals.

Feedback With A Customer Journey Focus

Omena Hotels would recommend Feedbackly for whoever wishes to collect feedback throughout their entire customer journey, and have an easy and flexible tool in place to analyse the whole journey and specific stages and touchpoints in detail.

“At Omena Hotels we know that the only way forward is to know what our customers think and feel about us. With Feedbackly we can gather valuable feedback from day to day and base our insights and actions in real data.”

– Kati Niemelä, CEO @ Omena Hotels

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