Object Clothing

Improving customer communication with Feedbackly

Company background

Object is a Danish fashion brand that was founded 2003. Objects style demonstrated quality, creativity, and high value in use. In addition to their E-commerce, Object has 750 stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Feedbackly has a vital part ensuring successful customer visit at Object. We asked few questions from Objects Store Manager Maaria Mikkola and she gave us some experiences of using Feedbackly.

Retail companies face their customers in multiple different channels daily and there rises a challenge of how to optimize customer experiences in all of them. Here is an example of one channel from a very popular fashion brand. We sat down and had a chat with the good people at Object Clothing about their experience with Feedbackly.

“What kind of effect has Feedbackly had on your brand image?”

Feedbackly provides our customers with a whole new channel to communicate about their visit. Something that we never had before. In the past, we received occasional feedback through the online store, but now customers tell about their experiences straight to us! Our customers have experienced this new way of giving feedback easy and intuitive. In addition, the fact that we use this kind of system already communicates to our customers that they are valuable to us and we thrive to be even more customer centric.

“How has Feedbackly affected your everyday activities?”

Well Feedbackly is very easy to use so we have received concrete results about our customer satisfaction and experience. This helps us to see tangible results that we can use to motivate our employees to make the customer experience even better!

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