Big Results With Feedbackly’s Free Plan

Getting started with feedbackly

In the summer of 2017, Mico decided to sign up for a free Feedbackly subscription in order to display customer surveys in their retail locations. As the results started coming in, they quickly realized the value they got from their customer feedback – and more specifically how the data was logically presented in their Feedbackly dashboard. They decided to add more Feedbackly iPad stands to around 60 of their retail stores across New Zealand. These iPads are running the Feedbackly iOS app and displaying surveys which are collecting feedback on a wide range of topics.


Mico’s customer feedback strategy involves rotating their feedback devices from location to location, usually collecting feedback for 2-3 weeks in one store before moving it to another. In other to utilize the feedback results in a timely manner, the branch manager (overseeing about 3-4 stores) analyses the results on a daily basis to ensure necessary changes can be made quickly. The regional manager who oversees the branches then reviews the branch reports, and can analyze the results while comparing the customer satisfaction performance of multiple locations at once. The results are exported from the Feedbackly dashboard, and shared amongst employees so they know what their current level of performance is. It is very important that these results are shared with the retail and trade team so they can read into specific complaints as well as areas of excellence. This makes it very easy to see exactly what changes need to be made in order to provide the best customer service possible.

Making sales with Feedbackly Notifications

Mico has taken advantage of Feedbackly’s notification feature with incredible results. One of Mico’s notification rules was created with the condition “notify me when a customer selects an orange OR red smiley”. This allowed store managers to identify which customers were leaving negative feedback. On one occasion, a customer left a negative response on a survey, and the store manager received a Feedbackly notification on his phone immediately. As the customer was leaving, the manager approached them and asked them what they could have done better to make the customer happy. The customer explained that they were looking for a particular item that was not in stock. The manager promised to order the item with overnight shipping, and the customer was so impressed with the level of service that they then purchased a large order of the item.

Mico’s ROI with Feedbackly

Mico has seen a significant return on investment from their Feedbackly subscription. As Chris Leonard, Business development Manager for Mico has stated, “We are confident that Feedbackly has more than paid for itself”. Since August 2017, Mico has received responses from nearly 7000 customers. With the help of Feedbackly’s team of CX consultants, they have been able to apply well-researched knowledge of the CX industry to improve their customer experience performance in a relatively short period of time, and at a fraction of the cost of other customer feedback tools. They are looking forward to continuing their close collaboration with Feedbackly in the future, and have already made plans to set up a similar CX strategy at their sister company Placemakers.

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