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Each of your customers is on a journey…
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Feedbackly’s Customer Journey Mapping gathers customer feedback along the ride and gives you automatically a bird’s-eye view over each Customer Journey.

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With Feedbackly’s all-in-one feedback platform, you’ve got the entire customer journey mapping tool kit at your figertips.

Customized Multi-Channel Surveys

Create customized surveys - Embedded surveys, website popups, URL link, SMS, Email, QR-code - and place them anywhere along your customers' journeys.

Real-time Feedback

Get powerful, real-time analytics that you can actually understand delivered instantly. Dive deep into current trends and customer sentiment analysis.

Customer Journey Analytics

We automatically organize your multi-touchpoint feedback collection and show real-time overviews of your complete customer journey.

'Act Instantly' Notifications

Never let a customer slip through the cracks. Feedbackly’s 'Act Instantly' Notifications can be triggered by any feedback along the customer journey.

Optimize Customer Acquisition

Enhanced customer insight lets you know what to fix, how to improve and when to upsell. On average, Feedbackly users have accelerated their ROI in just a few weeks!

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Our dedicated Customer Success Team has got your back. We can handle any issues that may arise and are eager to help quickly and efficiently.

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Alejandro Dominguez, eCommerce Analyst @ Chedraui

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Free Customer Journey Map Template

Free Customer Journey Map Template

Enter customer activity, goals, touchpoints, feedback, etc. for each step of the customer journey and get a big picture of your overall customer experience performance.